Data Security – Protect Dormant Data Through Data Archive

Data Archive
Protect Dormant Data Through Data Archive

Enterprise data grew 31% year over year in the year 2016. 41% of enterprise data has been lying dormant or has not been accessed for the last 3 years. 12% of enterprise data has not been accessed for more than 7 years.** As the fear of compliance risks grew, enterprises have become big data hoarders. The general perception of a CIO is that the cost of holding data is low when compared to the cost of not having a specific data when required.

Two unrelated but recent events have changed that trend completely

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union have brought in specific regulations on what Customer data you can retain and when & how.

Security breaches reported time & again over the past two years have exposed the risks of holding data that has longed lost its value

What is Data Archive

Data Archive is a set of technologies used to move data from your production systems to a secured storage either in the cloud or a secondary low cost storage solution but retain access to the data from the archived system. The data that is moved to the archive is:

  • Compressed – reduce your cost of storage
  • Immutable – ensure sanctity of the data
  • Accessible – access data through reports, Search, SQL queries without IT intervention
  • Retention management – apply Retention Policies to govern the period for which the data needs to be retained in the organization
  • Purge – remove data that you are legally not supposed to hold

Data Archive is different from Backup storage or Data Virtualization as Data archiving solution provides easy access to data with compliance management features.

Now let’s delve a little deeper into how data archive can solve the three trends mentioned above:

GDPR Compliance:

Data ArchiveData Archive provides compliance to the GDPR regulations by providing the following

  • Dormant Data from production systems can be archived. With data archive features, you can easily locate the customer data in the archive when required. Doing this from a backup would be a nightmare.
  • All data access will be audited and you will get a report of who accessed a specific data and when.
  • As data can be located easily, data can be purged on request with the specific permissions and audit compliance.
  • As data can be accessed through standard JDBC/ODBC connections, data can be extracted and moved to other systems too.

Data ArchiveProtect Sensitive Data:

Data in dormant systems and left under maintained lead to security breaches. With data archive technologies, dormant data stores with sensitive data can be identified and decommissioned by moving them to the archive. You can now control the access to all sensitive data from one centralized location and audit all access

Informatica provides you with all the tools required to help you identify and protect Sensitive data. With Informatica Secure@Source, you can scan all your structured & unstructured data stores to identify sensitive data. Once a data store is identified to have contained sensitive data and if this data store is dormant, you can use Informatica Data Archive to archive this data to protect this data store from a possible security breach.



** Genomics Index study conducted in 2016