NI Case Study: Revolutionize Analytics with Cloud Data Lake

Cloud Data Lake
Revolutionize Analytics with Cloud Data Lake

NI is a global company producing software and hardware empowering scientists and engineers to measure and automate the world around them. NI has more than 35,000 customers worldwide, $1 billion in revenue and serves industries such as Electronics, Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Automotive, Wireless, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Academic and Research, Semiconductor and RF/Mobile.

At NI, the IT team is heavily focused on establishing best practices across enterprise integrations, providing guidance to line-of-businesses and holds responsibility for future proofing the IT infrastructure and developing a robust data management strategy across the enterprise.

Initial taste of success with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (iPaaS):

NI was one of the early adopters of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services based (IICS). IICS is the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) offering from Informatica. Being early with the “as a service” model with integrations, there were some concerns and pressure to prove quick wins on the IT teams. As per James Humphrey, Principal Architect at NI, they were up and running with Informatica Cloud within days and were contributing to a Salesforce rollout project within weeks. Easy-to-use tools for integration specialists and ad-hoc integrators all proved very beneficial for the NI team to meet their data and application integration project deadlines.

The outcome:

With leadership from the Business Intelligence team to improve their agility and flexibility, a project to incorporate a cloud-based data lake and analytical tools was started. The Analytics Workbench (AWB) enabled data scientists and business analysts to extract insights from enterprise data much faster. Before the AWB, data scientists were stuck with predetermined schemas and spent time requesting new datasets instead of being able to make their own correlations to draw insights and perform analysis.

Recommendation by NI team:

Get your toes wet with early success. Start small and scale fast with cloud based applications and tools to help you get off the ground faster. Identify projects you could move to cloud easily like business intelligence and analytics. Be prepared to play around and experiment with the cloud. Keep adapting and learning, develop best practices and share within the enterprise to grow adoption internally.

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