The Road to Successful Data Archiving

The Road to Successful Data Archiving
The Road to Successful Data Archiving

A global leader in agricultural products and services, an Informatica customer with strategic growth fueled by mergers and acquisitions, purchased Informatica Data Archive in 2014 to establish an enterprise-wide capability for structured data archiving. Data archiving allows legacy and duplicate applications to be decommissioned while remaining compliant with retention and legal policies.

As it turns out, implementing and using the technology solution is the smoother part of the road. The biggest challenges, or “potholes,” concern user adoption, process compliance and application landscape growth. Notable challenges included:

  • Gaining executive sponsorship and buy-in from business units.
  • Developing organizational change management strategies to decrease resistance to new procedures.
  • Creating workflows and business processes that form a consensus with IT, business, legal and compliance stakeholders around what should be archived and the cost and value of doing so.

The customer’s primary goals were to:

  • Transition a company culture of “hoarding” records toward one with streamlined application archiving with shared standards, conventions and procedures.
  • Apply records retention policies and compliance considerations to provide clear guidance on what data to keep and for how long.
  • Consolidate retired data from a variety of applications into a single, searchable repository to reduce costs associated with legacy application maintenance, legal discovery and historical data research.

Since the beginning of the Data Archive initiative in Q3 2014, milestone successes include:

  • Gaining executive sponsorship for application archiving with Informatica Data Archive.
  • Developing a decision framework that helps to identify if an application is a candidate for archiving.
  • Implementing standard self-service reporting through Cognos BIA for the business users to access their archived records using simple, parameterized searches.
  • Enabling significant projected savings for 2017 in application rationalization and decommissioning opportunities.
  • Creating a robust environment running at five nines uptime.

We’re proud to have helped this customer implement archiving standards, conventions and processes while securely retaining compressed, immutable records that users can easily search and access on-demand. We look forward to continuing to support the company on their road to successful data archiving.