AmerisouceBergen Shifts the Paradigm in Patient Care

digital transformation: AmerisouceBergen Shifts the Paradigm in Patient Care
Digital Transformation: AmerisouceBergen Shifts the Paradigm in Patient Care

Ranked #11 on the Fortune 500 list, AmerisourceBergen Corporation has a lot of moving parts. With 1.5 million product lines and 20,000 associates in more than 150 offices in over 50 countries, it’s no wonder the company is considered a global leader in pharmaceutical sourcing and distribution services, serving both healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

As an integral part of a robust healthcare supply chain, it is no surprise that the organization amasses large volumes of disparate data. AmerisourceBergen saw an opportunity to move beyond rudimentary analytics conducted independently by each business unit to an enterprise-wide data strategy that would drive value across the business- toward digital transformation.

To accomplish its ambitious goals, AmerisourceBergen tapped Peter Mooiweer, a highly respected and experienced executive as its Vice President of Information Delivery. His aim: Enable a massive digital transformation that will shift the company from a traditional healthcare ecosystem partner to a strategic services provider, helping create healthier futures. Tasked with executing on a vision to generate business value from data, Peter immediately got to work.

In the two years since his arrival, he has joined forces with industry powerhouses on a pilot project to develop and deliver a platform that will bring AmerisourceBergen into the Data 3.0 era. The initiative, called the Enterprise Analytics Platform (EAP), is being deployed on the Microsoft Azure platform using Informatica technology as the E2E data management foundation.

Once deployed, AmerisourceBergen’s EAP will move the company beyond limited data reporting in siloed operations to enterprise-wide insights and predictive capabilities. The service-based environment will enable the company to rapidly deliver analytical and processing services to business units, manage IT services costs based upon usage, provide access to curated data assets across business groups, and establish an environment that will enable self-service access to data.

For its diverse network of healthcare partners, AmerisourceBergen will further enhance its ability to improve product access and efficiencies across the healthcare supply chain. Data-driven insights can potentially mean quicker and more affordable access to life-saving biopharmaceutical products, vaccines and therapy.

We are proud to support Peter as he continues to lead AmerisouceBergen through what he describes as a paradigm shift to help the company and its business partners offer even better care to patients around the world.

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