Greater Self-Service and Automation with Data Integration Hub 10.2

Data Integration Hub 10.2Getting data-driven digital transformation projects into production quickly requires a modern approach to data integration. Data is increasingly spread across a proliferating number of systems including multiple clouds and big data as well as existing applications and databases. Many companies struggle with digital transformation since they don’t have an organized and agile data backbone to connect all of these systems together efficiently and with data consistency. They don’t have an easy way for distributing teams to access data through self-service tools. This is where Data Integration Hub is a game changer.

Data Integration Hub 10.2 continues the evolution of Informatica’s hub for governed data integration and sharing. Building on the modern publish/subscribe hybrid architecture of Data Integration Hub, the 10.2 release adds enhancements to self-service and visibility as well as orchestration and processing efficiency.

The self-service wizard enhancements in Data Integration Hub 10.2 enable less technical users to do more themselves without requiring an IT developer. The new Hub Overview provides a visual representation of the relationships between publishers, topics and subscribers as well as lineage to provide the visibility needed to easily govern data integration. The new orchestration capabilities make it easier to automate multi-step publication and subscription processes for complex use cases.

To learn more about Data Integration Hub 10.2 and see a live product demo, join the Informatica expert team in a deep dive and demo technical webinar on Tuesday, June 20th at 8:00AM PT.