Informatica wins a coveted Stackies Award

Informatica wins Stackies AwardBy Anish Jariwala and Laura Wang

This is kind of big news for us, marketing operations and marketing technology types (and Laura happens to be both)

Informatica has won one of this year’s Stackie Awards presented by Scott Brinker at the MarTech San Francisco 2017 Conference. 

We love the Stackies. They’re the only award to recognize the hard work that goes into assembling and integrating a marketing tech stack– and the cool challenge of capturing that stack in a single slide.

We also love them because they raised $7,800 for Girls Who Code, a wonderful charity that I hope you’ll support. (We need more women coders!)

This year, there were 57 entries — all pretty awesome — so we’re thrilled to be one of only six winners. The stack visualizations were judged on these simple criteria:

    Alignment— how well-aligned is your stack with your business

    Concept— how insightful is the conceptual organization of your stack

    Clarity— how easy is it for a reader to understand your stack

    Design— the aesthetics of your slide and its visual appeal

    Detail— more detail is generally better, within reason for a single slide

Here’s our winner:

Informatica wins a coveted Stackies Award

The story our stack tells

Our entry is a snapshot of the way our customers’ and prospects’ data moves through our tech stack – centered around our marketing data lake. (Franz and Anish wrote all about the data lake in a book called The Marketing Data Lake)

The judges liked our stack diagram because, as they said:

“It shows terrific transparency for how Informatica engages with its prospects and customers, in addition to being a great example of a highly synchronized marketing stack.”

To summarize, we use our marketing data lake to integrate data from our CRM (Salesforce), marketing automation (Marketo) and marketing analytics (Adobe) into one, central store.

We then visualize the data through Tableau and started building high-value use cases — like an account-based view of our universe, for instance. Since it’s a data lake instead of a rigid warehouse, we can add more and more data sources to improve our insights and the performance of our predictive analytics (Lattice).

The marketing data lake has completely transformed our marketing. And it’s only a start.

What’s next for the lake

The next step is to create an enterprise data lake that extends beyond marketing.

We’re feeding it with data sources from across the company such as product usage data, financial data, and customer support data. The architecture is set up in a way where new data can be fed in from any source very quickly and data sets can be easily shared with all users.

The enterprise data lake will give us marketers the ability to add even more insights into our current analytics — driving better understanding of product adoption, cross-sell and up-sell. Because we can now address and leverage data generated from anywhere, not just from a marketing system, our teams can apply predictive modeling and artificial intelligence to this wider set of data to target the right message to the right person at the right time.

And as we add more data sources, the data lake delivers value to other departments too— product, customer support and finance teams will be able to dive-in and generate insights about how customers are engaging with us. A few examples:

  • Product teams: will be able to see which features customers use, split by, let’s say, how they came to us. So we might learn that people who come in from a certain webinar are far more likely to use a given feature.
  • The finance team: will be able to correlate product behavior with profitability.
  • Customer support: will show that users of a certain product or feature are more or less likely to need help.

And that’s just scratching the surface of the surface.

The bottom line

We’re hugely excited about the potential of the enterprise data lake. And we love that we’re ‘eating our own dog food’ and showing how every company’s data carries enormous strategic value.

And, of course, we’re honored and humbled to have won a coveted Stackie Award for 2017!

Thank you to Scott Brinker (the Mick Jagger of Martech), the award judges and the whole MarTech Conference team. It’s an amazing event.

If you’re curious, here are all the Stackie Entries. An impressive collection!

2017 Stackie & Hackie Awards competition at The MarTech Conference from MarTech Conference