A Cloud-First Lens on the Journey to Cloud

journey cloudDid you know that the concept of a “Cloud-First” began in the U.S. federal government?

Cloud-First was a mandate issued to all federal agencies by the chief information officer of the United States in December 2010. By 2012, a subsequent report to Congress showed that more than half of all federal agencies had adopted cloud computing for at least one application.

As more and more applications are available in the market are built for cloud only, the cloud-first strategy becomes increasingly popular. Cloud-first is a business strategy built around the goal of reducing IT costs by leveraging the cloud economies of scale, flexible subscription pricing, shared infrastructure and ease of use.

Cloud-First is one approach to embrace cloud computing. Join Informatica customer Carbonite and popular industry analyst Joe McKendrick to learn how thought leaders today are embarking on the cloud journey with a cloud-first strategy. Decipher what are some of the business drivers, use cases and pit falls as per recent surveys and real case study.

Carbonite is an online backup service, available to Windows and Mac users, that backs up documents, e-mails, music, photos, and settings. Carbonite is a cloud-first company and has built their application and data strategy based on the cloud-first model. They are also established thought leaders in the space of Journey to Cloud, and help their customers make the journey to cloud as a backup option for flexibility, reliability, cost and security.

In this webinar Justin Donlon, Business Analyst at Carbonite, would share their innovative approaches that help them drive hugely scalable business processes and time to market including optimizing the partner onboarding processes.

Joe McKendrick, an established analyst and thought leader for cloud and emerging tech would join Justin in sharing some of the research and market trends around critical steps for a cloud-first journey, key use cases and challenges that enterprises should focus on as they get on the cloud journey.

Please register for the free webinar – June 7th 9 am PST.