Partner Opportunities in Data Security

Partner Opportunities in Data SecurityAt Informatica World last week, we talked about our strategy going forward, the roadmap for our innovative products and shared our new brand story with the world! I also met with many of our partners and data security was a consistent topic of discussion. The story lines included not just discussions like- help me help my customers comply with <insert regulation here> or my customers are really concerned about a data breach and losing sensitive data, but more in-depth discussions like:

  • My customer lacks visibility to what data needs to be protected: What’s sensitive, where is it, who has access to it, where is it going, is it protected?
  • When a data breach occurs, it typically takes 100’s of days to detect it: Even longer if it’s an insider threat. How do we speed that up?
  • Where to start? Partners are telling me their customers’ CIOs and CSOs don’t know where to start remediation once a breach has occurred.
  • And once remediation has started, determining the right method of protection is the next challenge. Is it encryption, tokenization, masking? Is the data at rest or in motion?

Partner Opportunities in Data SecurityFortunately, I had a great response to all of these inquiries! It’s the Detect and Protect strategy with Informatica’s Data Security solutions. Data security should be a discussion with all of your customers that have data management and integration projects, whether it’s cloud-related, a master data management initiative, a data quality project or a data lake with Big Data. Data Security should be embedded into the discussion early. Additionally, we announced a new promotion specifically for partners reselling our Data Security solutions. It includes additional front-end discount, back-end margin and market development funds. Contact your Informatica Partner Sales Manager for details!

I’m really excited about the partner opportunity with our Data Security portfolio. It’s going to allow you to have strategic level conversations with the C-suite and help you drive profitable consulting and implementation services . What’s the “Detect and Protect strategy” all about?

Informatica offers solutions to help partners help their customers with both “Detect” (Discovery and Classification) and “Protect” (Data Masking, Encryption or other 3rd party tools)

  • Confirm What You Know: Provide visibility of where your customers’ sensitive data is across their enterprise for compliance and audits
  • Provide continuous risk assessment of that data: Movement of this data across the organization, geographic location of the data, controls to secure and protect that data and the liability cost associated with that data
  • Use your policies and regulations coupled with machine learning to build policy-based detection and remediation
  • Applied to data wherever it exists: Dev, Test, Production, Legacy Applications, Data at rest, data in motion, Cloud, Big Data
  • Integrates data security information from third parties

Best of all, Informatica is relying on you, our partners, to drive this strategy within our joint customer base. You have the skill set to be able to have these conversations. We’ve got the enablement materials, sales tools and marketing programs to help get you started.

Additionally, on the May Partner Pulse Webcast, we launched our Data Security Promotion for partners! This includes additional front-end and back-end margin and rebates for partners who identify and close data security opportunities. You can listen to the replay of this webcast here and get the details of our Data Security promotion and solution portfolio on PARC, our partner portal.

Thank you to all of the partners that contributed to making Informatica World great! Together, we can unleash the power of data with our customers to help them out-disrupt, out-perform and out-maneuver.