Unleash the Disruptive Power of Data

Unleash the Disruptive Power of DataThe business world is at a major inflection point due to the disruptive power of data. From smart phones to smart homes, the number of connected devices is exponentially increasing. By 2020, we expect to see 20 billion connected devices, each continually creating new data. The rapid growth of Cloud, Big Data and machine learning technology makes it possible to process and store data like never before.

This digital transformation has changed the pace of day-to-day life. In addition, the volume of information each person processes in a typical day continues to climb. As both pace and volume increase, so do customer expectations. Today’s customers demand personalized service faster than ever and at lower costs.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is here, it’s real and it’s impacting the daily lives of executives, managers, front-line staff, and most especially, the customers they serve. Entire industries are being turned on their heads by data-driven disruption. From finance to healthcare, massive changes require every business in every industry to fundamentally rethink core strategies.

In response, forward-looking organizations now find themselves:

  • Engaging with customers in entirely new ways
  • Inventing new business models
  • Transforming business processes

Companies that adopt a data-driven strategy will out-maneuver the competition. By taking an enterprise-wide view of their data, they can spot key trends and extract insights that could not be gleaned from a siloed approach. Businesses who spot these opportunities and act decisively can disrupt entire markets.

Becoming a Data-Driven Disruptor

It is time to transform your business using data-driven insights. It is time to assess your data, uncover patterns and open new pathways for your business. It is time to unleash the full potential of your data, accelerate your data-driven digital transformation and guide the direction of your industry.

As the world’s leader in Enterprise Cloud Data Management, Informatica is uniquely equipped to help you unleash the disruptive power of your data. Over the years, we’ve invested over $2 billion in product development, both organic and through strategic acquisitions. Informatica currently processes over 1 trillion cloud transactions per year. Most importantly, we continue to invest over $180 million annually into our Intelligent Data Platform, the world’s most comprehensive, versatile and efficient foundation for data-driven digital transformation.

Together, using open technology that’s platform agnostic, we can help you become more agile and realize new growth opportunities, no matter where your data lives—on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. No other partner can provide a solution this versatile and comprehensive.

Let’s work together to unleash the power of data to drive your next intelligent disruption—not just once, but again and again.