Three Things To Consider When Selecting an MDM Implementation Partner

Three Things To Consider When Selecting an MDM Implementation Partner

“External service providers of master data management (MDM) solutions provide substantial value in helping organizations develop strong foundations for their digital strategies. Data and analytics leaders should use this research to identify and engage with best-fit providers, based on their requirements.” says Gartner on their latest report, called Market Guide for MDM External Service Providers.

I highly recommend reading this document if you are looking for an implementation partner for your master data management initiative. Whether it is supporting your customer experience projects, regulation and compliance, merger & acquisition or smarter decision making.

Selecting the right implementation partner for your MDM solution of choice (start with the Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions) is a key factor in making it a success. If you want to go deeper, you may want to leverage this report on Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management Solutions. Sorry, but you need to have a Gartner account to download this report.

Three things to consider when selecting an MDM implementation partner:

  1. Assess of your internal MDM know-how to define which is the most suitable for your MDM program in relation to skills, budget and bandwidth.
  2. Consider vertical industry and the required data domains. If direct industry experience is unavailable, consider comparable industries or processes. 
  3. Evaluate a service provider based on its MDM software implementation experience.

When reading this report, you will find out that there are many who have Informatica MDM expertise, although they are not listed in this report. Your local Informatica contact can help you find a partner as well.

Picking your MDM solution of choice

I hope this was helpful in finding a service partner that makes you successfully use The Master of MDM. Here is a two-minute video to understand, what factors matter when picking your MDM solution of choice.