Journey to Cloud Approach: Cloud-First, Hybrid, and On-Premise Environments

Journey to Cloud Approach: Cloud-First, Hybrid, and On-Premise Environments
Journey to Cloud

Digital transformation is a buzzword. But dig beneath the hype and you will find something real— it’s either the business opportunity of a lifetime, or an existential threat. Disrupt, or be disrupted. Digital disruption is about building new business models that leverage data to create new and innovative products and services that lead to a successful Journey to Cloud.

What will separate the winners from the losers in the coming years is the ability to build a distinct competence in data management as the foundation of business strategy. The challenge for every organization is that data management complexity is skyrocketing just at the time when the business needs better, more trustworthy data, faster than ever before.

What’s holding data delivery back?

  • Application silos make data hard to discover and access.
  • Data volumes double every two years.
  • Data complexity is increasing faster. Still, around half of all enterprise data comes from outside sources, which means little control over formats, quality, or definitions.

As organizations adopt cloud applications and analytics, their data management becomes more complex than in a simple, on-premise-only environment. And it’s not just one cloud, either. “Cloud” is very likely to mean multiple ecosystems and applications. It has become a hybrid world. To compete in this environment, organizations need an end-to-end hybrid data management platform to deliver enterprise data quickly and securely across cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

Journey to Cloud Approach:

Cloud-First Approach— If you are a cloud-first kind of company, then you’ll probably be looking at a platform that will help you integrate all your cloud-based SaaS applications with your existing on-premise data to give you a holistic view across the complete enterprise data. This is a “simple” form of hybrid integration. In this case, an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution would help fulfill the requirements to integrate data, applications, and processes across hybrid environments—cloud and on-premise. The simple hybrid paradigm works well when organizations are starting out with a cloud-first approach to integrate cloud applications and data sources. Sometimes, they could also be departments within larger enterprises that adopt iPaaS to meet their line-of-business integration needs.

Hybrid Approach— As organizations evolve, the complexity around managing data also changes not just in terms of data sources or data volume but also with newer use cases. This calls for a more mature platform to handle the growing complexity. This is an “advanced” form of hybrid integration. This is what the next-generation of iPaaS is all about. It is a single, modular, and metadata-driven platform integrating big data, cloud, and on-premise systems that supports advanced integration use cases such as the Internet of Things, business-to business, integration hub, and other complex data management solutions for both— business and IT users.

There’s no getting around it— adding “hybrid” to “data management” means taking a complex task and adding new challenges. But by taking a disciplined approach and beginning the march up the maturity ladder, the challenges of digital transformation are manageable. The new cloud, big data, and IoT technologies are exciting and hold a lot of promise for today and the future. But for all this technology to be of assistance, we should use it, adjust our processes, and change the way we work. That way, we get to tame the complexity and enjoy the advantages.

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Some sessions hand-picked for you to help you on your journey to cloud:

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  • Tuesday, May 16th 3:40 pm – Transformation from Data to Decisions at Lilly Japan, room #2001
  • Wednesday May 17th 8:40 am – New Cloud Integration Patterns – Technical Deep Dive and Demos, room #2006
  • Wednesday May 17th 10:40 am – iPaaS.Next: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cloud Data Management, room #2001
  • Wednesday May 17th 2:20 pm – Informatica Cloud 101, room #2002
  • Wednesday May 17th 3:20 pm – What’s New/What’s Next for Informatica Cloud, room #2002