Data Fuels AWS Success at Informatica World 2017

Informatica World 2017Public Cloud is disrupting IT. Enterprises everywhere are looking to deploy their entire IT stack, including data management, to public clouds. And AWS is THE public cloud. Recent studies have shown it to be twice as large as its three nearest competitors. To many large enterprises, AWS is the new platform for modern IT.

You may very well be planning your journey to AWS, as we speak. And you may very well also be planning your journey to Informatica World 2017, as we speak. If so, this convergence will be fortuitous! When you arrive in San Francisco next week, please be sure to check out several excellent breakout sessions, where Informatica customers will be discussing their own unique journey to AWS with new modern data management architecture, optimized for AWS.

Before I tell you about the customers we will be showcasing at Informatica World next week, I would first like to say, you don’t want to miss the special session on Monday at 11:00 am with Anil Chakravarthy, Informatica’s CEO, as he welcomes you and sits down for a 1:1 with Ariel Kelman, CMO of Amazon Web Services! That’s all the hint you are going to get!

So, on with the details. Make sure that you attend the Cloud track at Informatica World. Come, hear from thought-leaders using Informatica platform to deploy data management architectures for AWS. Please do join us for the following sessions. Here is your sneak preview:

Adaptive Biotechnologies, a biotech company in Seattle helping fight cancer. As a younger ‘born on AWS’ company, Adaptive Biotechnologies had some basic data analytics tools, but required agile self-service analytics as well as robust reporting. They are now using Informatica Cloud and Amazon Redshift for both a data lake and a data mart, enabling agile data discovery and analytics and iterative reporting across their data ecosystem and for all business stakeholders to deliver data-driven insights and actions. Check out this session: CLD103-Adaptive Biotechnologies Delivers Self-Service Cloud Analytics with Amazon Redshift

Asurion, a multi-billion dollar privately-held company, providing white label insurance for mobile devices via all the major US mobile carriers. They have been extending their existing on-premise data management environment, supported by Informatica, to AWS. They are leveraging the Informatica platform and a host of AWS services, such as Amazon Redshift, EMR and S3. Their solution includes a cloud data lake and a cloud data warehouse on AWS in order to enable ingestion, integration, discovery, preparation and analysis of massive amounts of data from mobile customers. Check out this session: CLD105- Delivering Data Fast – Asurion’s Journey with Data Lake Mgmt on AWS

Shaw Communications, an enhanced connectivity provider in Canada, delivering broadband communications. They have extended their existing on-premise enterprise data warehouse environment, built with Informatica, using a cloud DWH with Amazon Redshift and Informatica Cloud with the goal of delivering frictionless customer experience & Increased Customer Satisfaction. They are collecting and analyzing massive amounts of real time IOT data from their customers’ set-tops and using Informatica to combine this data with SaaS data, such as ServiceNow and Salesforce and on-prem data. They are leveraging multiple AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis, S3 and Redshift. Check out this session: CLD109- Extending PowerCenter for Cloud Data Warehousing Using Informatica & Amazon Redshift

See you in San Francisco at Informatica World 2017 next week! Don’t forget to register for your favorite sessions. All of them are already starting to fill up! Safe travels!