Ultimate Guide for Master Data Management at Informatica World 2017

Informatica World 2017, the marquee event for data driven digital disruption is just around the corner. This short blog is designed to give you a line-up of all Master Data Management (MDM) related sessions at a glance. You may use the mobile app, which you can download from the app store, or you can browse the session catalog.
(added May 31: In case you missed the event, you can access all sessions here.)

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Monday, May 15

The MDM Industry Perspective starts 1.45pm with thought leaders from the industry like Holger Mueller and Suresh Menon, SVP & GM of MDM who will set the pace for the next generation of Master Data Management.

Ultimate Guide for Master Data Management at Informatica World 2017

Tuesday, 16 May

  • 11:00am MDM102 Importance of MDM in M&As: A Dell-EMC Case Study
  • 1:40pm  MDM101 What’s New with Informatica MDM Solutions
  • 1:40pm  DQG102 Introducing Informatica Axon and Enterprise Data Governance– McGraw Hill
  • 2:40pm  MDM106 How Coca Cola’s Master Data Strategy Supports a Changing Business Model
  • 2:40pm  DQG103 Great Customer Master Data: The Foundation to Successful Customer Experiences (Allegis)
  • 3:40pm  MDM104 How and Why I Market & Sell MDM Internally at BJC Healthcare
  • 3:40pm  DQG104 Best Practices: Data Governance and Corporate Reporting (S&P Global)
  • 3:40pm  DI&BD104 Panel: Best Practices For Quickly Preparing Big Data with Kaiser and Dell
  • 3:40pm  CLD104 Transformation from Data to Decisions at Lilly Japan
  • 4:40pm  MDM105 Harmonizing Customer Master Data in Salesforce.com (McKesson Technology Solutions)
  • 4:40pm  MDM151 Modernization Journey of BNSF Railway by Leveraging Informatica MDM
  • 4:40pm  DQG105 Relying on Data Quality and Governance in a Big Data Platform (PayPal)

Wednesday, 17 May

  • 8:40am MDM103 Secrets of a Winning MDM Strategy in Industrial Distribution by Winsupply
  • 8:40am DI&BD106 Agile and Modern Data Integration at UBS With PowerCenter
  • 8:40am DI&BD155 Data, the New Raw Material for Business, with Johnson & Johnson
  • 9:40am MDM107 Luxury Travel Retailer DFS’ Experience with Informatica MDM– Product 360
  • 9:40am MDM150 Enhancing FinTech Company Operations with MDM & Data Governance
    (Deloitte & PayPal)
  • 9:40am DQG107 Data Governance and the Digital Transformation: CIO and CDO Viewpoints
  • 10:40am MDM108 Reliable, Accurate, Actionable Insights Across Teams: The Weatherford MDM
  • 10:40am MDM152 Advance Your Customer Engagement Strategies
  • 10:40am DQG108 Data Governance and The Patient Master: Sharp Healthcare’s Journey
  • 11:40am MDM109 Building Blocks of Enterprise MDM: An Enterprise Architect’s Point of View
    (Hong Kong Jockey Club)
  • 11:40am MDM113 Transforming E-Commerce with Next-Gen Customer 360 at Oriental Trading
  • 2:20pm MDM110 The Art and Science of Governing Master Data: Trinity Health’s MDM Journey
  • 2:20pm MDM153 Total Customer Centricity: Preparing for Customer Data Management of the
  • 2:20pm DQG110 Data Governance and Data Quality for IT Information Assets (UBS)
  • 2:20pm DI&BD110 ConocoPhillips’ Data Agile Story with Enterprise Information Catalog
  • 3:20pm MDM111 Informatica & ZS Associates Partner to Bring New Life Sciences MDM App

Round Tables 

In these 40-minute sessions that are first come first serve, attendees can interact directly with Informatica Product Management, Global Customer Support, Engineering, and Professional Services Experts. Round tables are designed for practitioners to interact with Informatica’s technical professionals to answer questions and provide product insight.

Register for the Round tables using the Session Number in the Informatica World mobile app.

  • MDM203 Upgrade to Master Data Management (MDM) Version 10
  • MDM204 Master Data Management (MDM) Version 10.x – New features and Best Practices
  • MDM258 Product 360 for consistent customer experience & omnichannel commerce
  • MDM259 Manage Data with MDM 360 Apps – Supply Chain to Customer Experience
  • MDM260 Reference Data Management (RDM) provides context to all enterprise data
  • MDM261 Customer 360 & Relate 360 for great customer and relationship management
  • MDM262 Best in class master data management with MDM 10.2
  • MDM263 Relate 360: Match and relate data with Graph and Big Data
  • MDM268 Customer 360 for Life Sciences for enhanced HCP & stakeholder relationships
  • MDM269 Continuous Integration with Informatica MDM Hub
  • MDM270 Customer360 for Salesforce (aka CC360 for SFDC) and Hybrid Solutions
  • MDM271 MDM in the Cloud: Key Considerations for New or Existing Customers

Deep Dives

These 2-hour instructor-led sessions are for practitioners that enable attendees to work with actual products. They will help explore new features/functionality of the products in order to gain insight on the latest and greatest from Informatica.

Register for the Deep Dives using the Session Number in the Informatica World mobile app.

  • MDM 307 Configuring MDM 10.2 user interfaces for business users and data stewards
  • MDM 308 MDM – Product 360: Deep Dive on How to Extend your Application

You can follow what is happening live from @MDMgeek , Monica , Antonia, or @benrund or at #INFA17

PS: Customer Adivsiory Boards take place on Wednesday.

(added May 31: In case you missed the event, you can access all sessions here.)


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