Reducing Your Enterprise SaaS Data Security Risk

Data Security Risk
Reducing Your Enterprise SaaS Data Security Risk

In today’s enterprise SaaS landscape, Data Security is a paramount concern for companies that have moved their enterprise applications to SaaS and for those that are looking to make the move to SaaS. Each SaaS provider allocates a different set of Data Security capabilities that are either included in the native platform or can be added via customization. During solution design & due-diligence, the client must determine if the platform’s capabilities (native or add-on) are sufficient to meet the assurance requirements for the data that will be stored in the SaaS solution.

The basic customer-controlled data security measures include access management (SAML/OAuth & two-factor authentication), encryption & key management, logging/alerting, and security for API integrations. Providers offer various levels of configurability for these options, a factor that must be considered when selecting a SaaS solution. Once these capabilities have been configured and optimized, will your data be secure?

The risk factors associated with sensitive data held in enterprise SaaS are similar to those in on premise environments, provided the client has leveraged proper vendor risk management & an independent assessment of the provider’s controls. Risk factors such as the type of data retained, how long the data is retained for, the number of individuals with access to the data, and platform capabilities to limit the ability of users to extract data from the platform (i.e. remove data from the control environment) are compounded in SaaS due the absence of perimeter controls that provide additional protection against compromised credentials or abuse of privilege in on premise environments.

As the risk and exposure factors multiply, the enterprise needs a consistent way to monitor and manage the exposure from data retention and data access in SaaS. Machine learning capabilities such as those in Informatica’s Secure@Source User Behavioral Analytics solution can analyze real time application instrumentation to differentiate atypical from typical data access. Response processes driven by analytics unlock the ability to quickly zero-in on these threats and your data is secure in enterprise SaaS.

See our new Executive Brief for User Behavioral Analytics in Enterprise SaaS and see our session (DS111), at Informatica World 2017. Here is the abstract of this session where you will learn from our hands-on experience:

Date: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 01:40 PM – 02:20 PM

Description: While the maturity of enterprise SaaS and reporting capabilities rapidly increases, tactics to secure these systems has remained focused on data encryption and access controls. What’s needed is a better way to identify and respond to abuse committed by an authorized user or by a user with stolen credentials. With Informatica’s Secure@Source behavior analytic capabilities, enterprises can maintain rapid speed and agility granted by SaaS while improving the assurance of data access and use controls.