Extending PowerCenter to Cloud with Amazon Redshift

Cloud with Amazon Redshift
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Are you a PowerCenter user interested in an Amazon Redshift data warehouse?  Or perhaps you have already started working on a new POC (Proof of Concept) for Amazon Redshift?  If so, you are not alone! And we’d like to help you out!

Many of Informatica’s PowerCenter customers are exploring ways to leverage their long-standing investment in PowerCenter by harnessing the power of cloud data warehousing with Amazon Redshift.  We are seeing several typical adoption patterns of Amazon Redshift by PowerCenter customers:

  • Extend on premise enterprise data warehouse environment with a new Amazon Redshift implementation, typically for a new analytics use case such as new types of data or need for agile, self-service cloud analytics. This is done either by using PowerCenter to load Amazon Redshift, or extending PowerCenter with Informatica Cloud to load Amazon Redshift.
  • Migrate on premise enterprise data warehouse, such as Teradata or Netezza to Amazon Redshift, oftentimes taking PowerCenter along for the ride, and deploying PowerCenter directly on Amazon EC2. In this case, Informatica platform can also be used for cataloging of on premise data for migration to AWS as well as bulk migration of the on premise data to AWS.

If you’d like to learn more, please join our upcoming ‘Meet the Experts’ webinar on Amazon Redshift on 5/02‘, where we will be providing a technical session with our product experts.

In this ‘deep dive and demo’ session, we will discuss the reasons many customers are extending PowerCenter to support cloud data warehouses on AWS with Amazon Redshift and review common patterns for Amazon Redshift adoption. We will overview the Amazon Redshift architecture and discuss available options from Informatica for extending PowerCenter to support Amazon Redshift. We will share details about using pre-built Informatica connectors for Amazon Redshift and other AWS services such as Amazon S3, and overview advanced scaling features such as grid, partitioning and push-down optimization.

Key webinar learnings include:

  • AWS journey and Amazon Redshift: Key benefits and capabilities
  • Key use cases for extending PowerCenter with Amazon Redshift
  • Extending with PowerCenter Redshift connector vs extending with Informatica Cloud Redshift connector
  • Scalability features like grid, partitioning and push-down optimization to maximize the power of Amazon Redshift
  • AWS deployment options: Single-click deployment of PowerCenter on AWS EC2 and Informatica Cloud ‘Pay as You Go’ via AWS Marketplace
  • Product demos of using Informatica Cloud and PowerCenter with Amazon Redshift

Cloud with Amazon Redshift

Please join us for this webinar on 5/02/17:  Cloud Data Warehouse with PowerCenter and Amazon Redshift – Deep Dive & Demo