Data Integration 10.2 Webinar – PowerCenter, Enterprise Data Catalog

Data Integration

Today’s organizations are continuously innovating to drive business transformation. And, it is a journey. The most successful journeys have one thing in common—they’re designed to maximize the value of the enterprise’s data, whether it is a journey to the cloud or big data or self-service analytics. Data Integration 10.2 will give you an insight into one such journey.

How do you continuously innovate and maximize the value of your enterprise’s data, while leveraging your existing skills and resources?

Hybrid data management leverages both- your existing skills, mappings, and infrastructure, as well as cloud-based tools to make that possible. Informatica’s 10.2 release enables our customers to continue their journey to innovation, while making complete advantage of their existing skill sets and resources.

Learn more about the latest and greatest from PowerCenter 10.2 release by joining this webinar on April 27.

Here are some highlights –

PowerCenter on Azure and AWS – Use the same familiar tool in the ecosystems such as Azure and AWS.

PowerExchange for Cloud Applications – Existing PowerCenter customers can now take advantage of PowerExchange capability made available in this release to accomplish hybrid integration scenarios.

Hybrid monitoring – Monitor integration jobs running in on-premises and cloud.

Enterprise Data Catalog – A smart data catalog that enables both Business and IT users to get full potential of their enterprise data assets with a unified technical and business metadata view of all their enterprise data assets – whether they reside on-prem, cloud or big data.

And many more capabilities.

Don’t miss the webinar on April 27 for more details and deep-dive demos.