Get Can’t-Miss Insights on Digital Transformation with MDM at Informatica World 2017

Companies are modernizing the way they do business to compete in a digital world. Virtually every business, in every industry, is in some stage of digital transformation. By the end of 2017, digital transformation will be the central strategy in at least two-thirds of Global 2000 companies, according to an IDC study. And none will find the path forward obvious or easy.

At Informatica we find ourselves at the center of digital transformation strategy as we help our customers navigate and solve critical challenges. We have also seen how difficult the journey can be. And for every company that has earned some success, there are 50 more that are just getting started.

We want to help businesses understand the journey ahead. It was with that idea in mind that we planned our keynote Monday, May 15 at Informatica World 2017 in San Francisco. This session is a must-attend for every businessperson developing a strategy to use digital information to be more responsive, agile and profitable.

MDM’s critical role in digital business

The reasons for digital transformation may vary: Top drivers include customer experience transformation, regulatory compliance and data-driven sales and marketing. But in every case data is at the heart of the journey.  Master data management (MDM), which gives context to big and small data alike, is the key to delivering these business drivers.

MDM is a required core competency for digital business because only MDM delivers context and semantic consistency across data domains. It connects distributed data across the cloud and on-premise systems to ensure the data relationships are managed efficiently in one place. Organizations can leverage that consistency to create a customer-centric view and move away from traditional product-centric views.

These recent use cases showcase the power of MDM to achieve different transformation goals:

  • Customer experience: Employees of Hyatt Hotels are able to track a variety of guest behavior and preference data and share it across the global chain. This enables them to delight guests with customized service, for example, a guest who does yoga in her room is offered use of a yoga mat wherever she travels. Read Hyatt’s story.
  • Regulatory compliance: Federal mortgage lender Freddie Mac created a golden record of all customers, which allows it to compile accurate audit information far more rapidly and cost-effectively. It can even be automated to meet recurring compliance obligations. Learn more about finance industry challenges.
  • Big data analytics: By building engines embedded with IoT sensors, GE aviation was able to stop selling capital equipment and charge airlines instead for usage. But that model only works if they know exactly how well each engine is performing. MDM provides the business-critical asset profile, asset service history, and customer information they need to understand the complete picture. Learn about MDM and big data.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: When giants Dell and EMC undertook the biggest technology merger in history, their incongruous data systems rose quickly to the top of the challenge pile. Fortunately, executives understood the tremendous business opportunities that would come from data integration. An upcoming session at Informatica World will share details on how Dell-EMC tamed its data chaos and increased market competitiveness with MDM.

Developing the transformation skill-set

While MDM transformation isn’t simple, it is a must do. Organizations can begin with an ambitious plan or a simple one; some are midway through their transformation and others are getting started. Informatica World attendees will find relevant information for whatever stage of the journey they are at.

I believe our keynote session, titled “Master Data Management Industry Perspective,” is can’t-miss content for those developing a strategy to deliver trusted and usable real-time data to their businesses in pursuit of their digital transformation goals. Attendees will learn:

  1. Where MDM is headed in the future
  2. How other business leaders are using MDM in major business transformations.
  3. How MDM can make you a hero in your organizations by helping you solve complex data challenges.

The featured speakers include:

  • Suresh Menon, SVP and General Manager for MDM at Informatica, will open the session with a vivid picture of where MDM is going and the new capabilities emerging in MDM to improve the long-term value proposition of any digital transformation effort.
  • Next, Holger Muller, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, will discuss how social media and other digital trends are making harder for companies to do what they need to do. Muller will also share some inspiring use cases from companies that tackled difficult challenges.
  • A panel discussion will follow, with Menon and Muller joined onstage by business executives with significant MDM implementation experience. They will share how MDM has helped them segment their marketing and communication to optimize customer experience and revenue. Panelists include:

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