Receive Expert Data Security Guidance at Informatica World 2017

Data Security at Informatica World 2017The dynamic world of hybrid computing creates tremendous opportunity for organizations to share, analyze and monetize their data. Unleashing the wealth of information in vast data stores provides competitive advantage and the ability to forge satisfied and loyal customers.

And the new uses and applications for data mean a continuously expanding landscape of users and data stores and the growth and proliferation of the data itself. Static data stores and perimeters have vanished, replaced by environments where change is the only constant.

The security and governance of this environment is key; organizations must have a current and accurate view of their data to achieve compliance with external regulations and privacy standards promised to customers. While traditional security remains important, data security practices, policies and controls must adapt and leverage intelligence, monitoring and protection of the most precious assets; sensitive data.

At Informatica World 2017, our customers and partners will highlight their innovative programs for dealing with their dynamic data environments consisting of cloud, data lakes and traditional data stores; how they secure customer data, how they ensure data protection controls are applied where they are needed and where they will have impact, how they will deal with the looming General Data Protection Act (GDPR) and what is the road to successful data archiving. Our product teams will provide insight into our award-winning data security products.

At Informatica World 2017, you will hear from customers, experts and partners who will provide insight on how to reduce data risk by reducing the risk of breaches and internal misuse:

  • Customer sessions on the identification and protection of critical customer data and how to leverage data security intelligence to identify and prioritize data protection programs.
  • Expert sessions on cloud and data security, on GDPR readiness and how to unleash DevOps efficiency with Test Data Management.
  • Product specialist will review the latest innovations in Informatica’s data security solutions, including Secure@Source and Data Masking.
  • Roundtable, Deep dive and Meet the Expert stations where you can discuss and experience data security, GDPR readiness and compliance.
  • Solutions Expo where you can learn about our current offering and their key capabilities. From interactive demos, you will be able to see how these solutions can help you reduce sensitive data risk.
  • Customer Advisory Boards will help us continue our innovation and quality.

Details on our session can be found in the Informatica World Catalog, simply select the Data Security track. You will also find Informatica Data Security featured on the main stage during our general sessions.

This is a must attend event; architects, security professionals, data governance and compliance practitioners and management will benefit from the insights into how to create lower risk architectures, improve data security and govern sensitive data for compliance.