12 New Ways to Grow Your Master Data Management Skills

12 New Ways to Grow Your Master Data Management SkillsInformatica World is a unique place to gain knowledge around all things data. In my recent post, I shared key reasons why I’m looking forward to Informatica World 2017. One of these reasons is the chance to learn new Master Data Management skills.

Increasing your Master Data Management skills can help your company get ahead, as well as make a crucial difference in your personal career options. With that in mind, here are some things you can do at Informatica World 2017 to increase your Master Data Management expertise.

1) Get an Industry Perspective on Master Data Management

This year, Informatica World 2017 offers an Industry Perspective session on Master Data Management. In this session, Constellation Research will share how cloud and social media have made Master Data Management essential to organization survival. During the session, you’ll learn specific ways to use MDM to turn big data into big insights. And, throughout the week, you’ll hear examples of partners and customers who’ve used MDM to improve customer experience, optimize business processes and ensure regulatory compliance. You’ll also hear from our customers and partners about how they used their Master Data Management skill to become heroes at their companies. (The MDM Industry Perspective is sponsored by Cognizant)

2) Learn What’s New with Informatica MDM Solutions

In session MDM101, “What’s New with Informatica MDM Solutions,” you’ll walk through an overview our portfolio, highlighting both what’s available today and what’s yet to come. You’ll learn new ways to improve customer experience and increase compliance. You’ll take a look at modular end-to-end MDM solutions. Specifically, you’ll review Product 360, Customer 360, Supplier 360, and the new Relate 360.

3) Learn how Master Data Management Skills Increases Mergers and Acquisition Success

Mergers and acquisitions always involve data and Master Data Management is a key driver in their success. MDM allows companies to streamline mergers, realizing synergies more quickly, as well as reducing risk. An effective MDM strategy not only helps preserve the business continuity during the transaction, but also serves as a driver for innovation. In session MDM102, the “Importance of MDM in M&As : A Dell-EMC Case Study,” you’ll learn how these large companies integrated business-critical data and increased their market competitiveness.

4) Learn how to Advance Your Customer Engagement Strategies

The explosion of customer data in the digital era has increased the need to leverage both MDM and Big Data Analytics solutions. These solutions can provide a 360-degree of each customer, both to drive new customer acquisition and to increase retention by encouraging loyalty. In session MDM152, “Advance Your Customer Engagement Strategies,” you’ll learn how Trianz and Informatica partner to enhance the usability of customer data.

5) Learn how to Market and Sell Master Data Management Within Your Company

BJC Healthcare and Washington University School of Medicine embarked on the MDM journey after Informatica World 2016. In session MDM104, “How and Why I Market & Sell MDM Internally at BJC Healthcare,” you’ll learn ways to get buy-in from your executives for a trusted data initiative. You’ll hear about the capabilities of an end-to-end MDM platform, where to start with MDM, how to create a business case, and how to explain the value of enterprise MDM initiative.

6) Learn How to Harmonize Customer Master Data in Salesforce.com

McKesson identified a need to consolidate consolidated customer accounts within their SalesForce orgs with accuracy and precision. In session MDM105, “Harmonizing Customer Master Data in Salesforce.com,” you’ll learn how they worked with Slalom Consulting and Informatica to customize their data governance. Their newly optimized Salesforce environment provides them with single view of the customer. This allows McKesson to streamline how teams work with and improve customer data. Specifically, you’ll learn how this initiative has improved productivity and enhanced their application landscape.

7) Learn How Master Data Strategy Supports Changing Business Models

Coca-Cola North America is on a journey to enable a master data strategy to support a changing business model. The strategy is being achieved through providing single source of truth for Customer and Product information with Informatica, incorporating it as a part of the ongoing data management processes while leveraging hierarchy capabilities to manage complex structures needed throughout the organization. We will walk participants through the initial discovery and foundation setting phases of the work and describe how we have leveraged the Informatica tools to enable key objectives while evolving solutions to meet key business needs.

8) Learn How Master Data Management Can Transform Retail Outcomes

DFS Group Limited is the world’s leading luxury retailer catering to the traveling public. Their global network reaches over 35 million travelers each year. They offer products across a diverse set of categories, including Beauty and Fragrance, Fashion and Accessories, Food and Gifts, Watches and Jewelry, and Wines and Spirits. In session MDM107, “Luxury Travel Retailer DFS’ Experience with Informatica MDM – Product 360”, you’ll learn how DFS uses Master Data Management to transform their merchandising capabilities and enable their digital aspirations.

9) Learn How Master Data Management Can Help Provide Better Care for Children

Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) is a state agency responsible for the information technology functions under the jurisdiction of the Governor. In conjunction with the Health and Human Services Agencies, DoIT uses Master Data Management to create a holistic view of an individual. This enables their departments to serve their citizens more effectively. In session MDM108, “Delivering Better Service to Kids in Need Using MDM at State of Illinois” you’ll learn how MDM helps the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) provide better care for children. They will also discuss future plans to support Behavioral Health Services, Medical Services, and Program Eligibility to improve outcomes.

10) Get an Enterprise Architect’s Point of View on MDM

Master Data Management is critical to every data-driven initiative in any organization. It is at the heart of enterprise architecture breaking the silos and providing a consistent version of the truth about customers, products, suppliers and more. In session MDM109, “Building Blocks of Enterprise MDM: An Enterprise Architect’s Point of View,” you’ll learn the critical architectural considerations you need to make to ensure a successful MDM implementation.

11) Learn Master Data Management Skills for Healthcare

Trinity Health is a national, not-for-profit Catholic health system operating 93 hospitals in 22 states. Their approach is “people-centered health care” with a focus on better health, better care, and lower costs. With this mission in mind, they realized they needed to create a single-source of master practitioner data. In session MDM110, “The Art and Science of Governing Master Data: Trinity Health’s MDM Journey,” you will learn how they connected metrics to business requirements, MDM data governance, and challenges and lessons learned along the way.

by integrating practitioner credentialing applications, registration and financial systems, practitioner human resource applications, and more.

12) Learn Master Data Management Skills for Life Sciences

As their business model evolves, life science companies are increasing adopting new strategies. These strategies include value-based contracting, key account management, multichannel marketing and pricing optimization. ZS Associates is a global consulting leader who, in partnership with Informatica, has developed an MDM implementation specifically to address these needs. In session MDM111, “Informatica & ZS Associates Partner to Bring New Life Sciences MDM App,” you’ll learn how you can realize efficiency, effectiveness and experience with this solution. This implementation provides pre-built connectors, data model configurations and extensions, cleansing and validation rules, business processes and workflows in an easy-to-use UI built for life science professionals.

Grow and Show Your Master Data Management Skills

Well, there you have it: New ways to grow your own Master Data Management skills, just by joining us at Informatica World 2017. And there are SO many more – that’s just a snapshot of what is available. So if gaining these skills is a personal goal of yours, I invite you to register today!

 12 New Ways to Grow Your Master Data Management Skills