Enterprise Data Catalog – An Essential to Data-driven Success

Recent research show that more energy from Sun hits the Earth in an hour than the amount of energy we consume in an entire year. That is in fact unimaginable amount of energy. It reminded me of how every IT organization is dealing with the amount, types and volumes of data and data assets that is coming in every hour with digital explosion. While organizations receive more data, it is becoming difficult to leverage insights from this data.

More and more business users are accessing data with self-service analytics tools. However they don’t find the data assets they need. IT is finding it difficult to understand the lay of the land and to manage those assets. Why? This is because traditional data, or information catalog, has been mostly around data warehouses. And with data explosion, the scope has been suddenly grown between 10x and 1000x times.

Today, looking for the right data asset is like shopping in a crowded flea market that has tons and tons of stuff. Will you ever find what you are looking for?

What you need is a smart, intelligent, enterprise data catalog to help you manage and maximize the value and reuse of your data assets. It will automatically catalog all your data assets across the enterprise – scan metadata from on-premises, cloud, Hadoop data assets. Your business users should be able to find the data asset just the way you shop in an online store – simple search and browse to find the asset.

An Information Catalog will address many challenges that you are facing today –

  • Get a good understanding of all the data assets you have currently
  • Support new business initiatives with new and existing data
  • Quickly begin new, transformational projects such as moving to cloud, migrating applications and data, data governance.
  • Gain trust from business on data and data assets.
  • Find IT certified data assets easily by business users
  • Expand self-service from data elites to everyone in the organization

To learn more Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog, join the webinar on April 5 @ 8.00am PST.