5 Best Reasons to Attend Informatica World 2017

What are the 5 best reasons to attend Informatica World 2017? I knew you were wondering and I’m glad you asked! Of course, this list will be a little different for each person you approach, but I’m happy to share my opinion here.

Most would predict that I’d answer with things like “visiting San Francisco”, which truly is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. Or perhaps I’d answer with the obvious: The spectacular opportunity to hear from thought leaders like Michael Lewis and Kara Swisher. I couldn’t be more excited about both! But, from my perspective, the best reasons to attend are the opportunities to personally grow. By improving your own data management skills, you stand to gain a competitive advantage in a time of increasing complexity.

Informatica World 2017

Data is well on the way to becoming the most strategic asset an organization holds. The staggering growth rates of data can’t be ignored. The gathering, management and usage of data is now crucial for nearly every business decision.

With that in mind, here are five key reasons for you to join us at Moscone Center on May 15:

1) Grow Your Cloud Data Management Skills

Informatica-World-2017-Cloud-Data-ManagementThis year’s event will include an Industry Perspective on Cloud Integration and Hybrid Data Integration. In this session, Gartner and others will share ways to navigate your Journey to Cloud successfully. You’ll hear directly from Informatica Cloud customers about their best practices and potential pitfalls. Throughout the week, you’ll also hear peers discuss new best practices in cloud data warehousing, cloud analytics and SaaS integration.

2) Grow Your Big Data Management Skills

Informatica-World-2017-Big-Data-ManagementThis year’s conference also includes an Industry Perspective on modern Data Integration and Big Data. In this session, you’ll hear from experts at TDWI Research, Deloitte and Cognizant. Together, they’ll share new ways to use state-of-the-art data management to quickly and systematically deliver of accurate and consistent big data insights to their organizations. In addition, throughout Informatica World 2017, you’ll learn new ways to deliver faster, easier, and more repeatable data integration in any environment.

3) Grow Your Master Data Management Skills

Informatica-World-2017-Master-Data-ManagementThe opening day of the event also includes an Industry Perspective on Master Data Management. In this session, Constellation Research will share how cloud and social media have made Master Data Management essential to organization survival. During the session, you’ll learn specific ways to use MDM to turn big data into big insights. And, throughout the week, you’ll hear examples of partners and customers who’ve used MDM to improve customer experience, optimize business processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

4) Grow Your Data Quality Skills

Informatica-World-2017-Data-QualityDuring Informatica World, you’ll learn ways to ensure that your data is consistent and trustworthy. Throughout the event, you’ll have numerous opportunities to learn from customers who use Data Governance, Data Quality and Data as a Service to meet their business needs. We’ll also reveal new, game-changing ways to deliver enterprise Data Governance. You’ll learn how Informatica Axon can help you deliver reliable data for analytics and compliance.

5) Grow Your Data Security Skills

Informatica-World-2017-Data-SecurityOver the course of Informatica World 2017, you’ll get a close look at implementations that enable organizations to protect their data in their diverse environments. Throughout the event, you’ll learn specific ways to reduce the risk of data breaches, improve compliance and prioritize security investments. You’ll hear directly from customers and partners who have used data security intelligence and data security controls to increase enterprise architecture security, despite increasingly diverse environments.

So What are YOUR Best 5 Reasons?

Now you know my top 5. I see this as a “can’t miss” opportunity for personal growth. With a full conference pass to Informatica World 2017, you’ll have access to the general sessions and breakouts, as well as the deep dives and round tables. Thanks for your consideration, and I truly hope to see you in San Francisco!

5 Best Reasons to Attend Informatica World 2017