The Top 3 Essentials to Know on your Journey to Cloud

As companies embrace digital transformation, cloud adoption has visibly taken the front seat on business leaders’ minds. They are realizing that cloud adoption is a key enabler of the digital strategy. Companies are transforming customer engagements, business operations and product innovations touching every aspect of the company’s front and back office. The top drivers for these transformations are around agility, scale, cost savings and collaboration leading to cloud adoption. Business leaders today are prioritizing the journey to cloud over all other strategies. With the explosion of cloud computing, SaaS, PaaS, iPaaS and data explosion, the imperative is not whether to move to cloud or not – it’s more around when to get on the journey to cloud. This blog highlights the key elements that define the journey.

  1. Know how to start the journey.

Some companies are on a rapid pace to with a cloud-first mind set while others are approaching the shift as a phased journey in many cases involving complex enterprise systems and processes. Many companies have already made that journey successfully and reaping the benefits of it. Some companies are on a rapid cloud-first approach and some are following a phased approach to move to cloud. No matter what your approach is, it is important to know how and where to start. Plan which projects to move to cloud first, iterate rapidly during prototyping phase and plan for faster time to market.

  1. It’s a Hybrid World.

The growing vendors for public cloud market, makes it obvious that enterprises will have more options to choose from and will they will not depend than on a single provider. Not just multiple cloud vendors, today, enterprise data resides across various platforms and systems on-premise and in the cloud giving rise to the new reality – the Hybrid World. This approach however, introduces significant challenges around data integration and management. As data is in motion across all these environments, data integration, security and governance have become more important than ever. Check the recent stat around the various public cloud vendors:


       Source: David Linthicum’s blog

  1. Implement an end-to-end data management strategy.

Growing volume of data alone is not the challenge, the interoperability across various applications, process and data sources also play a very important role. Companies need a singular end-to-end data management platform to align with their data strategy supporting the hybrid integrations, diverse data sources and all types of users – business and IT. Informatica Integration as a Service offers a singular, artificial intelligent meta-data driven platform with cloud-based solutions for data, application, B2B, integration hub, IoT and Big Data for every user. IT teams can utilize the broad capabilities to govern and regulate the integration jobs while empowering the business users with easy to use tools like wizards, designers and mapping templates to perform quick DIY integrations on the fly. Try out the free 30-day trial.

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