Wholesaler Wasco Realizes Unique Omnichannel Customer Experience

Wholesaler Wasco Realizes Unique Omnichannel Customer ExperienceThis blog was originally published on osudio.com.

Customer experience defines your company’s success. By 2020, customer experience will be the leading brand differentiator when it comes to a buying decision, leaving behind criteria such as product and price.*

High quality product information gives successful brand owners, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers the advantage they need to grow revenue, increase market share, and keep customers happy. But quite often product data is incomplete, fragmented, and inconsistent across channels. That’s because information about products is saved in multiple siloed systems, including PLMs, ERPs, Digital Asset Management systems or Ecommerce platforms across regions and business units.

This makes it impossible to access and collaborate with a single trusted 360-degree view of all product attributes across teams. And that’s a problem because it often results in slow product introduction, data quality issues and a negative customer experience.

Wasco is a leading wholesaler of central heating and plumbing products and services in the Netherlands. The company’s product portfolio spans more than 450,000 products, and it operates more than 30 stores and three distribution warehouses.

“In the past, we put too much emphasis on assortments, products and price—and not enough on data,” says Jos Rust, Manager Data Management at Wasco. “We had a great E-Commerce site; there just wasn’t any data to feed it! It was like having a car with no engine.”

Wasco’s customers struggled to find the right data on an assortment and it was very difficult for them to compare one product against another. Product information was the main obstacle to delivering an agile, omnichannel service experience.

Next Gen PIM with Informatica MDM – Product 360

MDM – Product 360 is Informatica’s master data fueled product information management (PIM) system. With it, business users can more effectively manage and collaborate on rich product content with an efficient end-to-end, transparent process along the product information supply chain across a company. By delivering clean, consistent and trusted product data, Product 360 empowers a company’s digital transformation by increasing speed, agility and time to market.

Recommended by leading analysts, like Gartner in key evaluation reports, Product 360 helps increase productivity, streamline compliance, and improve the customer shopping experience through unified, up-to-date and complete product information across all sales channels.

MDM – Product 360, part of the market’s only, true end-to-end modular MDM solution, covers all key functional areas in master data management. Designed to work together seamlessly, the solution includes data integration, data quality, match & merge, relationship discovery, and business friendly applications such as Supplier 360, Customer 360, and much more.

Using Informatica MDM – Product 360, Wasco now accurately acquires, manages and publishes product information across all channels. The wholesaler ensures that the right product information is accessible to the right customers exactly when they need it. The embedded Informatica Data Quality ensures that product information is accurate and complete from the beginning using dashboards and business-friendly traffic-light signs. Role- and task based views allow the business users to collaborate for effectively and to focus on what matters most.

Product information management gives us an end-to-end, transparent process across the length of the product information supply chain, says Jos Rust, Wasco

The role of the implementation partner Osudio

Wasco is working with one of Europe’s largest e-business specialists and Informatica partner, Osudio to deliver the deployment at Wasco. “Osudio has provided excellent, expert support and knowledge transfer,” says Rust. “Their ‘over the horizon’ understanding of PIM is helping to ensure the implementation at both Wasco and Tobler adopts best practices, it is on time, and it is on budget.”

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