2017 Security Awards: A Market Reflection

Informatica received a wealth of attribution and recognition at the 2017 ISPG Awards, held concurrently with RSA 2017.

The awards’ list named Informatica as winners in numerous, but related categories:


Grand: Informatica
Gold: Risk management
Gold: Innovation in enterprise security
Gold: Most innovative security software
Gold: Best security software
Gold: Best security for large enterprises
Silver: Cloud Security
Silver: Compliance
Silver: Database security
Bronze: UBA
Bronze: Data Lake Security (Best New Product)


The entire Informatica team is proud to receive these awards. They are a credit to our excellent development teams and, especially, to our customers, who have partnered with us on our data security innovations.

Informatica’s data security products are excellent, with capabilities and support for key issues that challenge our customers, such as:

  1. Understanding data risk
  2. Protecting sensitive data
  3. Monitoring user and data events that could indicate new threats

The Data Security Market

But I submit, this is more about the market than the products. The 50 judges bring a broad view of security perspectives, shaped by the security priorities of their own organizations. As senior security, architecture and information executives and practitioners, they contribute a cross-industry view of what is important and what is not. ISPG itself provides an edified perspective in their selection of categories; topics that reflect the interests of their readers.

Data Security in 2017

So what does this say about security in 2017?

First, compliance and risk influence what security professionals think about. That may be an obvious point, but it anchors why organizations allocate security investments and resources. Risk management related to customer loyalty, liability and revenue are top board and investor concern. Upcoming and emerging legislation (such as GDPR) drive organizations to meet data privacy and security requirements.

Second, organizations recognize the importance of cloud and big data security. The promises of IT flexibility, the reduction of operating costs and customer insights provided by cloud and big data come with additional risk, and organizations understand they need to marry implementation with appropriate safeguards and controls.

Third, traditional security controls, such as masking and encryption are still very important. These security controls and other categories of the ISPG awards provide a solid foundation for any security architecture.

Finally, the awards confirm that sensitive data intelligence and remediation has emerged as new security parameter. Focusing on the data, provide understanding, management and control of organization’s most valuable assets, their sensitive data.

Informatica’s Secure@Source is a prime example, as it provides the key capabilities for understanding/controlling the data risk caused by the unbelievable data growth occurring across all industries. For today’s challenges, organizations must confirm they know what sensitive data they have, and its location. They need to understand its risk, monitor it for unusual activity or movement, and remediate conditions that threaten privacy and security.