Marketing, Wakeup! The Bad, the OK and the Good

Marketing, Wakeup! The Bad, the OK & the Good


As long as I’ve been employed, I have worked in Marketing and Communications. Each year, the industry has had one or two key topics that have dominated the discussion. This year, in 2017, most marketers are discussing topics like Big Data and Digital Transformation. In fact, my friends tell me that “digital” is a key theme in the companies they work for. With this in mind, I have a question to ask Marketers all over. I’ve asked this question on social media before, mostly from the vantage point of my own shopping experience.

Marketers, when will you wake up?

When will you be able to send me pure emails with relevant offers? Offers in which you demonstrate that you know my preferred brands, average price range, clothing sizes and my next logical purchase based on prior purchases? Can you imagine the potential? What so many companies are doing here in 2017 is “Soooo Nineties”. With this in mind, let’s take a look at “The Bad, the OK & the Good”, based on my own recent experiences as a consumer.

The Bad

Peek & Cloppenburg is a German retail chain where I have a loyalty card. I connect this Loyalty card to my Lufthansa “Miles & More” account. They continue sending me only those promotions that are targeted specifically for women. Why?


The Okay

When I’m in New York, I frequently stop by a popular clothing retailer there in the city. Because they have limited visibility into my history (though I’ve certainly spent enough with them) they send me promotions for both male fashion and for female fashion. This is OK: There is potential. But imagine if they could infer, from reviewing my public Facebook posts and public Tweets, that I am planning to be back in New York in a few weeks?




The Good

Finally, it’s time to applaud Nike, one of my most loved brands. Certainly a key reason I love Nike is their style. But when it comes to customer experience, they are doing many things right! I shop online at, I go to outlet centers in Germany and more often in the US, even to the flagship stores like in SFO.

After my morning run last weekend, Nike sent me an email about running equipment. They knew I might be interested because I use the NRC Nike Running Club app. Very timely, very relevant. As a result, I made it to the store the same day, to try on the new AirForce Ultra.
Within their store, Nike team members were able to identify me quickly, using my customer ID, which is my email address. This led directly to revenue for them. In fact, the staff member in the store even showed me my customer profile on his mobile device!
These are my new red babies – they are soooo ultra light.

Summary: Know your customers, control your data

Can you relate to my examples above? What experiences have you had, either at work or in your private life? Getting and keeping control of the 360 view of a customers has become harder than ever, as new channels and new touch points get into the play. Connecting the dots is the new paradigm. That means leveraging the potential of relationship knowledge between parties, places and things with Master Data Management (MDM).

What’s next? Predicting the next logical move of your customers

Amazon clearly started the mind shift in customer expectations with the “recommendation”. What is the next logical service or product a customer is most likely to buy? Marketing is about to be made accountable, and marketers are going to love it. Despite years of investing in a slew of stovepipe applications, ranging from online advertising bid management, to web technology, to marketing automation, to CRM, most B2B marketing organizations still struggle to answer such key questions as “what’s the value of the various marketing touches, programs and channels?” and “do they drive only opportunities and pipeline or actual revenue?” Unable to connect the dots across all the marketing apps, organizations are forced to fly blind and optimize per marketing function rather than end-to-end.

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