Fear Not! Get Out of Data Mess with a Good Data Catalog

Data CatalogEvery organization today wants to use data as competitive advantage to drive profits, reduce cost, improve customer experience and stay ahead of the competition. Organizations are investing in data related projects that will empower their business uses to make good timely decisions.

However, these days, business users are not just accessing data warehouses for their data – they are extending their reach to different types of data assets that are spread across the enterprise. To make things complicated, many organizations have tens-thousands of data assets with data exploding in volumes.

With such complexity comes other issues:

  • Will Business users ever find the data asset they are looking for?
  • Will they ever find the person who can find that data for them?
  • If they find, will they know how that fits into the context they are interested?
  • Will Data stewards be able to manage their domains effectively?

How can you solve these problems? How can you really get value from your data? How can you make sure both IT and Business can realize benefits from all of the data assets in your organization? For that you need a good data catalog.

A good data catalog is the foundation for any data project – whether you are working on an analytics project, data governance or data migration or application migration. It has all information on any asset – what is it, where is it, how good it is, who is responsible, when was it created/updated.

A modern, smart data catalog will provide:

  • Unified metadata view of all your data assets – technical and business metadata of all assets
  • An easy to use interface that will enable any type of users to easily find the asset they are looking for.
  • Easy exploration of data assets
  • Complete end-to-end view how data flows from source to final destination

To learn more Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog, listen to this archived webinar.