Influencer Marketing: Free Hotel Upgrade?

We booked a four day sun break during cold German winter. Just arrived at front desk, the hotel offered us a free upgrade to a suite. By the way the Hotel was called Hospes Maricel and you can read my rating here.

Believe it our not, we decided to keep our room as it was new, stylish with a large terrace, while the suite was large but old and had no balcony.

My wife and I discussed why they offered us this upgrade. What reasons do you know? Please leave a comment? Please watch my short video and let me know your point of view. An interesting story about Hyatt Hotels and how they manage customer experience can be found on this youtube video.



Has this Hotel been able to identify that I have influence with my expert status on Tripadvisor, my 8,000+ Twitter followers and more? I do not believe this in this case – but the potential is there, leveraging the the power of relationship knowledge. It can be easily visualized as the screen shows in my video.

What is the most important information for your digital transformation?

Graph influence clearly matters for customer experience but for many more business critical processes across all industries. What you make out of this, is up to what you can imagine to do with it. Let me give you some ideas how you can leverage relationship knowledge:

  • Who else lives in a householde, and what is their need?
  • The relationship with other customers, prospcects or agents?
  • Past offers the customer has responded to/ or not responded?
  • Important changes in life like changes to address, income, employment?
  • What brands, products, services does the customer like or not like on social?


Think of any information you like to collect and any visual graph of relationships you think you can leverage for better customer service. If you are able to understand the potential of relationships, you can turn this into actionable insights for better targeting campaigns in marketing, or the next logical offer in sales. What is the most important information for your business? If you are looking for more details on the “how” check out this page.

End-to-end Master Data Management Matters

In order to realize such use cases you need a master data management solution. There are many vendors in the MDM market and few upcoming point solutions. However, today’s organizations need a flexible and proven platform like Informatica MDM that combines data integration, data quality, business process management, Data as a Service in one single solution. The ready to use master data-fueled business applications such as Customer 360, Relate 360, Product 360 and Supplier 360 that are built on the Informatica MDM platform help companies achieve faster time to value.

Informatica MDM’s end-to-end capabilities are combined with Informatica’s flexibility to start small and grow fast. The platform supports

  • Multi deployment: Flexibility of cloud and classic on-premise deployments without compromising on end-to-end capabilities
  • Multi-domain:  Support for more than 100 different domains. Informatica customers were able to implement nine domains within six months
  • Multi database support: Support for both traditional relational database as well as graph databases to ensure relationships are visualized, and your sensitive data is securely stored and retrieved
  • Multivector and multi-implementation styles: Informatica MDM platform supports centralized, consolidation, co-existing, registry styles with flexibility to switch as your MDM journey matures.

Conclusion: If you have a focus on digital transformation, you have to get control of your data. Your data, and even more information which is outside your organization. This requires a strategic commitment of your leadership team and the right partners, who help you making the most of your most critical asset, your data.