Our Best Three Omnichannel Giveaways from 2016

top3-omnichannelJust before the beginning of the Holidays, please allow me to share our top three omnichannel giveaways from 2016.

I hope these selected assets will be of value for your 2017 omnichannel strategies.



1. New Independent Research Report on PIM Solutions –  Forrester Wave™ Report

Today, digital drives commerce—from research to purchase to continued engagement with your brand. But without a solution to orchestrate product data across your digital touchpoints, your customers see inconsistent, ultimately unreliable, product information.

forrester-wave-pim-q4-2016A product information management solution (or PIM) is the answer. Download “The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q4 2016” and get expert insights into the latest market developments, trends, and leading PIM vendors  and see why Forrester rates Informatica a clear leader for PIM—with a 5 out of 5 score for strategy.

In the new digital era of distributed commerce, PIM is indispensable to your success, providing your business the ability to:

  • Manage publishing workflow and approvals at every channel
  • Synchronize product information across digital touchpoints and physical stores
  • Develop a single, trusted source of reliable product information

See why Forrester positioned Informatica as a leader—including a 5 out of 5 score in the strategy category—in their independent research report: The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q4 2016. Download the complete report for all details about the top PIM vendors, their key features and functionalities, and how they compare.

Download The Forrester Wave™: Product Information Management Solutions, Q4 2016


2. Solution Brief – Streamlining Supplier Management and Omnichannel Commerce

Solution brief preview
Download the solution brief “Streamlining Supplier Management and Omnichannel Commerce”.

A lack of supply chain visibility and ineffective collaboration is often the reason for poor supply chain performance. It often leads to bad decision making, missed market opportunities, high costs, slow time-to-market, and increased manual workloads. But more importantly, it frequently results in a bad customer experience.

Typically, organizations manage information about their suppliers, products, and services in multiple siloed systems across regions, departments, or business units.

Adding, changing, or correcting the information in one system doesn’t automatically update all the other systems that need that information. In fact, many of those updates never reach critical systems which distribute product content on channels.

Download this solution brief and learn how many supply chain and product management leaders overcome the problem of fragmented and inconsistent data.


3. Webinar – Google Shopping Helping Brands Convert New Customers

Watch the webinar recording “Google Shopping: Helping Brands Convert New Customers”
With more than 100 billion searches per month, Google answers a significant number of the world’s product and shopping-related queries. Brands and manufacturers want to help shoppers make better buying decisions by providing richer, higher quality, and more accurate product information. They also want tools to understand the success of their products online.

In this webinar, marketers, product managers and e-commerce managers will learn how to use both Google’s Merchant Center and Manufacturer Center to improve their brand awareness across various verticals such as CPG, Consumer Electronics, Apparel, Home& Garden etc, empowered by Informatica’s product information management app, named Informatica MDM – Product 360.

Modern day mercantile retailer, Murdoch’s – Ranch & Home Supply is also  part of this webinar. They share and explain how they leverage both MDM – Product 360 and Google Merchant Center to deliver the best customer experiences.

Watch the webinar recording “Google Shopping: Helping Brands Convert New Customers”