Our Three Best MDM Giveaways of 2016

top3_mdm2016 was a super-exciting year to be working in the Master Data Management (MDM) space. I got a lot accomplished as product marketing professional working with our customers, telling their stories, and sharing the benefits they achieved. I was also able to do what I love – telling compelling customer stories about how MDM is delivering value and helping companies run their businesses more efficiently.

As I wrap up what has been the best year, so far, for me working in the MDM market, I am eagerly looking to 2017 for more challenges and opportunities that come with it.

Do you want 2017 to be better than 2016 like me? I certainly want to improve in every area and I imagine you do too. That’s why, at this festive time of year, I thought I would send you access to the three best assets I put together as a giveaway from 2016.

#1: Whitepaper on six steps to building consensus and support for your master data management initiative

Are you an IT leader, an architect, or a line of business leader who sees data issues first-hand? You have a full view of your data infrastructure and know that building trusted data is fraught with challenges. You know the impact of bad data to the company, the efficiency gains to be made with good quality data, but you might be struggling to get buy-in from the business.

inf095-social-visual_02_01I present you this whitepaper that simplifies the steps you need to take. Following the six steps covered here will help you show exactly how a holistic trusted data initiative, such as MDM, will lead to tangible improvements across the business. And that, in turn, will help you get—and keep—the confidence of business leaders in your organization.

In this white paper, “How to Get C-level Buy-in for Trusted Data,” I take you through these six steps in much greater detail and include specific examples of assessments, interview questions, and benefit analyses. It is a must-read for those who are ready to get serious about building consensus for enterprise data quality.

You can download your free copy here.

#2: See this 30-minute presentation on what a next generation MDM looks like

MDM technology is entering a new stage of maturity. Driven by the rising demands of Cloud and big data, today’s MDM is drastically different, offering greater capabilities, hybrid deployment options, and more user flexibility than ever before.

The market forces that have shaped the MDM evolution are complex and include:

  • The need for companies to differentiate on customer experience
  • Increased regulations
  • Growth strategies driven by mergers and acquisitions, and more

The result of these market forces is a new generation of MDM solutions that must help organizations create new and improved business outcomes.

To help navigate the evolution of MDM, I created this presentation: “Understanding Next-Gen MDM.” In this webinar, I focus on how modern MDM is developing end-to-end capabilities to address the needs influenced by big data, mobile, social media, and hybrid deployment options.

You can catch the webinar replay here.

#3: A research report: “Big Data and Beyond: Future-Proofing Data Management and Architecture Investments.”

A confluence of trends and emerging technologies is changing the way we do business today. Big data, cloud, mobile, data security, and IoT are adding new dimensions to master data and changing the fundamental ways in which companies do business.

To understand the challenges faced by enterprises in the midst of this data evolution, Deloitte and Informatica joined with IDG Research to survey organizations on their data management and architecture (DM&A) strategies. In this report, we present you with results of the survey that will allow you to:

  • Understand what technologies will impact your organization’s data ecosystem over the next 12-months
  • Offer suggestions on modernizing the DM&A initiatives that enable you to take advantage of big data opportunities and future-proof your architecture
  • Discuss a full set of MDM capabilities and expertise you need to future-proof your DM&A investment

You can download your free copy here.

I hope that these assets will spark new ideas, inform innovative strategies, and help you make 2017 a better year than 2016. I believe Master Data Management can turn you into a hero. I look forward to becoming part of your master data journey and making my small contribution toward your transformation as a MDM hero.

Reach out to me at @mdmgeek if you have any questions or just want to chat!

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