Our Best Three Digital Transformation Giveaways of 2016

Digital Transformation Giveaways of 2016My fantastic colleague, Antonia Renner, had a great idea:

Why not have our team close the year with a summary of our “Best Three Giveaways of 2016”, across the different areas we cover.

My contribution will describe three things you can review to understand the “Digital Transformation” victories underway, worldwide, and then to lead such a transformation at your own organization.


1. Read About Digital Transformation In Clear, Simple Language

dxmomMy colleague Rob Karel has been writing a series of blogs explaining data management topics in plain language. He has structured these as letters to his mother, and written in a style meant to be read and understood by people who don’t work in the technology field. Over the past few years, Rob’s “Letter’s to Mom” have answered many questions, helping people to understand the field he and I work in. If you’re looking for an excellent introduction to Digital Transformation, I highly recommend his latest post, Digital Transformation So Mom Can Understand

2. Study the Post NL Digital Transformation

The Post of the Netherlands (Post NL) disrupted the value chain with IoT and ecommerce. The transformed from a traditional postal delivery service into a digitally-powered significant worldwide distributor. To prepare for the future, PostNL needed to monetize the value of their data. They also needed to shorten the supply chain. Finally, the needed to allow their customers to determine where (location), when (timing) and how (via which distribution channel) they want to buy. To read about their transformation, you can download the full story here. For a quick look, here’s an overview video:



3. Learn how Digital Transformation Drives Customer Engagement

dxwhitepaperA digital enterprise uses technology and data as a competitive advantage in its internal and external business and customer operations. Digital transformation reflects an enterprise’s drive for agility and innovation, fueling new revenue sources while catering to the needs of evolving customer bases. To understand the challenges faced by businesses in the midst of a digital shift, Informatica and Deloitte joined with IDG Research Services to survey leaders on data transformation initiatives. You can download the white paper here.

Thank you for reviewing these giveaways.

Happy holidays and happy new year.

And I encourage all of you to Be a Transformer 😉

PS: If you want to learn more about stories beyond Uber & Airbnb? Whatch my video blog.