Our Best Three Data Governance Giveaways for 2016

Data Governance Giveaways for 2016As the year comes to a close, we thought it would be helpful to point out the best resources that we offer for each of our product and solution areas.

Below are three of my favorite resources for data governance that I hope all of you will enjoy.

Perhaps they will help you with your plans for 2017 and beyond.

Just Enough Data Governance

This helpful ebook covers how an organization can get started with building a data governance program. If you’re stuck with finding the starting line, or if you’ve already begun building your program but have lost momentum, check out our Just Enough Data Governance ebook. This has been a go-to resource for a number of organizations as they plan how to get started, build momentum, and formulate a lasting program for years to come.


If you haven’t checked out GovernYourData.com, now is the time. We’ve just passed the four-year mark with this site and have it populated with a ton of helpful resources. It also features some of the best free tools for data governance professionals. One of the tools is our Maturity Assessment, which will allow you to benchmark your data governance program against over four hundred organizations in fifteen plus industries. Another tool is the Business Opportunity Prioritization Assessment, which allows you to identify your key business initiatives and plots them against a heat map to identify the opportunities that you should tackle first.

Customer Webinar with Sharp Healthcare

One of webinars that we hosted this year that’s worth checking out, especially if you are just starting out with data governance, is titled, “A Journey Through the First 6 Months of Building a New Data Governance Program.” This webinar features Lori Kvasnicka, Director of Data Governance at Sharp Healthcare. Throughout the webinar, Lori shares with the audience the success that she has had, the hurdles that her team faced, and suggestions to make your journey easier.

And finally, a bonus – a giveaway for 2017 – we will be hosting our MDM360 Summit in New York City on February 22nd, 2017. During the event, we will have a Data Governance track where customers, partners, and experts share their advice for a successful data governance program. Register to attend and we’ll hope to see you on the other side of the new year in New York!