Our Best Three Customer Centricity Giveaways of 2016

Customer Centricity Giveaways
Our Best Three Customer Centricity Giveaways of 2016

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of 2016 winding down. If you’re like me, you’re wrapping up one of your busiest years in recent memory.

You’re also thinking about 2017 and how to take your company, your team and your skills to the next level. You’re thinking about what you need to do to make 2017 a success.

For me, that’s helping people in companies of all sizes realize the maximum potential value of their customer data so they are successful in making the shift to customer centricity. So, in case you missed them earlier this year, these are what I consider to be the three best resources from this year to help inform and guide you on your journey.

Customer Data Strategies for Dummies – if you’re looking for best practices for managing your customer data for maximum benefit

This is one of my favorite pieces from this year. Not only because of the amount of time we invested in it, but because it’s that good! It’s to help those of you new to the idea of a customer data strategy sort through why it’s needed, what a next-gen view of a customer really is, examples of how it’s been done (there’s not a single approach, as you likely would understand), how to begin and how to sort through the different technologies that will help you accomplish your goals.

You can download an electronic copy here.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation Transforms the Customer Experience with Customer Data Management – Webinar Replay

Absolutely, hands-down a great customer experience story with the team at Hyatt Hotels. It’s a great discussion of the customer data management strategy at the heart of Hyatt’s guest experience management strategy.

By empowering its associates worldwide with great customer data, Hyatt Hotels Corporation is creating seamless, memorable and personalized experiences to entice guests to choose Hyatt, increase customer lifetime value, improve efficiencies, and drive growth for their brand. With 600 hotels in locations all around this spinning planet, Hyatt wants to ensure that their customers are not only recognized (have you stayed with us before?), but have experiences that build irrational, emotional bonds. My favorite story is one involving Harry Potter. When the Hyatt Regency Orlando learned that two children of the hotel’s guests were fans of the young wizard, the staff changed out the bath robes in their rooms for wizard robes. #MischiefManaged.

During this webinar replay, you’ll hear both a business perspective from Tom Smith, Area Vice President, Hyatt Hotels Corporation and the IT perspective from SriHari Thotapalli, Director, Customer Data Management, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. It’s my wish that the story will help you think about how you can create seamless, memorable experiences for your customers by informing and empowering your employees through your own data.

Listen to the webinar replay here.

Marketing Long Page – a one-page resource to guide you through the marketing data jungle

 Marketing operations isn’t what you see on Mad Men – running creative and copy from place to place; ensuring projects are completed on time. It’s really about modernizing marketing measurement and results – and that, of course, means better understanding and managing the massive amount of data that’s available to marketers.

Last month, I participated as a panellist at the Argyle CMO Forum in San Francisco. Everyone was talking about data: how to get value out of the torrent of marketing data that exists that can help us all become better marketers, make better decisions, and reach our customers in more powerful ways. At Informatica, we’ve started our journey of data management so we can better understand our own customers’ journeys as they evaluate how our solutions fit their needs and help them accomplish their goals.

This has meant improving our marketing operations team’s access to the data that helps them create the insights we need. We can then use those insights in ways that let us repeat (and invest in) what works, capture better leads, understand the influencers and the buying team, and ultimately increase conversions. And possibly most importantly, our marketing ops team helps us to make a direct connection between our marketing activities and the effectiveness of our sales teams.

Visit the long page to understand how to improve your own marketing data management. The page is full of resources to help guide you through the wild, wild world of marketing data. Start exploring the page here.

As an extra bonus and because you’ve read this far, read the book Marketing Data Lake, co-authored by Franz Aman and Anish Jariwala.  As Anish has said, it’s a 200+ page guide book that will step you through the process of how to transform your marketing analytics.  You can download and share an e-copy of this book here. (psst… a link to it is also on the long page.)

I sincerely hope that these will spark an idea, inform a strategy, and help you deliver great customer experiences in 2017. And I look forward to hearing about your own data journey and how you’re becoming a game changer within your own company.