Heard Enough About Digital Transformation From Uber and AirBnB?

Have you heard one too many stories about AirBnB, who was able to offer millions of beds in a only few years (even though it had taken larger hotel chains nearly 100 years to offer half a million beds?) Have you heard, too often, about all the ways Uber has disrupted the transportation market? These are two of the most commonly shared stories about digital transformation. But there are digital transformation stories you’ve yet to hear!

Is your CEO or your manager asking for ideas to disrupt your market? Is your company already being disrupted by other new creative business models? If so, it is time I told you about a few other established companies who have transformed their business with data:

Post NL

The Post of the Netherlands (Post NL) disrupted the value chain with IoT and ecommerce and turned a customer who used to spend 200 € into a customer who now spends several millions. Check out the video.

Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes leverages Informatica and Salesforce to provide data analytics to their global agricultural cooperative. Over 10,000 employees, across three business units, utilize Informatica and Salesforce to help members, producer partners, and consumers maximize efficiency through data.

Life Time Fitness

Informatica helps Life Time Fitness improve customer experience by developing a 360° view of members. This view correlates their subscription information with their fitness routines, as well as with their other activities inside the clubs, like yoga, basketball, etc. It also correlates this data with in-club point of sale information (like the purchase of smoothies or jump ropes).

These are only a few examples of real digital transformation. Digital transformation is happening in real time, in ever industry. I even know about a jockey club that sells sensor data from every saddle to horse owners and club members, in order to help them prepare for their next matches and races.

HiJack from Guatemala

This video needs no other comments. Or better this video paints a thousand words.

If you are getting started in digital transformation talks, I recommend reading “Digital Transformation so Mom can understand” by my colleague Rob Karel.

You can do it too! Be a transformer!