AWS re:Invent 2016 Recap – Data was Queen!

Werner Vogels, AWS CTO’s keynote

We just came back from Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2016, where Informatica was a proud sponsor. It was a mega conference with over thirty thousand enthusiastic participants. Hats off to AWS for putting together a phenomenal and fun event. One of the most exciting and educational industry conferences I’ve had the opportunity to take part in. If you haven’t gone before, definitely plan on attending in 2017! Right after Thanksgiving, folks!

I know you are busy getting ready for the holidays, so will make super quick three observations:

  1. Enterprise adoption of AWS is in full swing

We’ve all read the predictions from Gartner that by 2017 (That’s in three weeks btw!), 50% of workloads will be on public cloud. Well, this was very strongly felt at this year’s re:Invent. It may in fact be an understatement, judging from the number of enterprise customers presenting at re:Invent. Not to mention the fact that Informatica’s booth was simply mobbed by large enterprises across industries, from financial services to healthcare. These organizations stopped by to discuss their journey to the cloud and data management initiatives on AWS. Gartner recently predicted that by 2020, a corporate ‘no cloud’ policy will be as rare as ‘no internet’ policy today. After experiencing re:Invent 2016, I wonder if this will happen sooner? And as this transpires, hybrid data management is becoming more critical than ever before.

2. Data is the source of competitive differentiation

Not coincidentally, the need for data management on AWS was highlighted in Werner Vogels, AWS CTO’s keynote session. Mr Vogels spoke about the importance of data as a source of competitive advantage. He highlighted the need to focus on data management efforts, such as data integration, metatdata management and data governance, towards that end. We couldn’t agree more. We, at Informatica, of course hear this from our customers all day long. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) consistently shows up in industry studies as the #1 priority for CIOs. And this is why these enterprise customers turn to Informatica, to help deliver trusted, connected, timely data into these BI and Analytics initiatives. Who better than Informatica to help customers manage their data in their hybrid environment, where AWS plays an increasingly key role. After all, Informatica has been a leading data management vendor for 23 years!

  1. Informatica positioned as leading SaaS data integration vendor
Andy Jassy, AWS CEO’s keynote

To that point, we were super proud and honored to be featured in Andy Jassy, AWS CEO’s keynote, as the SaaS company breathing new life into the data integration industry. Along-side with leaders such as, who was featured as breathing new life into the CRM industry. Our enterprise customers turn to us for help with their journey to the cloud with AWS. We are there with our customers every step along the way, accelerating enterprise adoption of AWS, with our industry-leading hybrid data management platform. We support key data management initiatives for AWS, such as data warehousing with Amazon Redshift, data lake on AWS, and migration of workloads and data from on-premises to AWS. So whether your organization is pursuing am accelerated ‘cloud-first’ approach, or you are taking a more gradual, ‘case by case’ path to the cloud, you can count on Informatica for all your data management needs on AWS.

If you are interested in learning more about hybrid data management and the role of data management in your cloud journey, we have a couple of interesting reads for you:

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Download: The Forrester Wave: Hybrid Integration for Enterprises, Q4 2016.

To get started today with Informatica on AWS, you can check us out on the AWS Marketplace.

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