Succeed in 2017 with Just Enough Data Governance

Data Governance
Succeed in 2017 with Just Enough Data Governance

I suspect that most of you are in the process of wrapping up your end of the year planning. You’re likely getting ready for 2017 and going through all of the tasks that your boss has indicated as important for next year. As you go down through the list, my hope is that you realize how important data has become to all of your processes within your day-to-day life.

Whether you’re in marketing and need to put together superior campaigns next year or you’re in sales and know you can’t connect with your customers without their right contact information, you need quality data that you can rely on. Every corner of your organization, from finance having to comply with regulations to procurement needing to get the best parts shipped to the right centers, can be impacted by bad data. You, of course, know that the quality of your data matters. It’s become the lifeblood that makes your processes run, the fuel that makes your business work.

More and more, even outside of heavily regulated industries, we see organizations of all shapes and sizes putting data governance programs in place to ensure that teams like yours have consistent, reliable data. The challenge that most often comes our way, however, is knowing where to start? Where to begin? Too often, knowing simply where the starting line is located is half of the problem.

I believe the best answer to these issues is what we call Just Enough Data Governance. We’ve written an entire ebook on the subject because we believe, through our years of working with companies of all shapes and sizes, that it gives customers the best guidance on how to start small and grow momentum.

While I encourage you to take five minutes and read this ebook in its entirety – I’ll share the basic premise. To build success, focus on an area of your business where you can identify a quick win. Tackle that challenge with gusto. Then leverage that win and build it into something larger. Much like a snowball rolling down a hill, you’ll build the momentum that you need to keep this going.

While you start to strategize for 2017, keep the idea of just enough data governance in mind. Think about where you can make a quick win and plan to go after it.

Oh – and between now and next year – consider attending our webinar on December 8th titled, “The Value of Data Quality to American Family Insurance’s Data Governance Program.” In the webinar you’ll hear from one of our customers directly about how you can use our industry leading Informatica Data Quality to identify areas of concern within your data. Who knows? Maybe Data Quality will help you find that easy win for 2017.