Consistent, Curated Data Though Hub-based Data Quality and Enrichment

Consistent, Curated Data Though Hub-based Data Quality and Enrichment

Data fragmentation and poor quality data are significant challenges for large organizations around the world.  The old computing adage of “garbage in, garbage out” is as true now as it has ever been and inconsistencies between data processing done in separate, parallel point-to-point integrations feeding different systems done on a project basis over time can result in fragmentation.  Customers using the traditional point-to-point approach to data quality and enrichment often tell us that they have this challenge unless they are very disciplined about development consistency across projects over time.

Even if an organization uses data quality and DaaS (Data as a Service) for enrichment to improve the quality and completeness of their data, this problem can arise from the separate point-to-point data integrations including DQ and DaaS that process data slightly differently or at different times. The resulting data fragmentation can be a significant barrier to companies that want to use data to power business transformation and growth.

An increasing number of Informatica customers are solving these challenges by implementing Data Integration Hub together with Data Quality and DaaS to centrally gather, process and publish data to all systems that need it.  Each analytics system, database and application can subscribe to the data publications it needs.  Self-service subscription and publication of data sets can be done by less technical users via step-by-step wizards and the simple web-based user interface in Data Integration Hub.

Because Data Integration Hub can include Informatica Data Quality and DaaS in publication workflows, cleansing and enrichment can be done centrally, with the resulting certified data sets being automatically distributed to each system that needs it at exactly the time it needs it.  This takes the consistency of high quality data across the organization to a new level.  Imagine every analytics system and operational application always having the same, fresh cleansed and enriched data.

Making consistent, certified data easily available to all analysts across the organization dramatically boosts the power of analytics to transform the business and provides a powerful data management infrastructure for new data-driven initiatives including digital transformation and the creation of data-driven corporate cultures.  It also means that executives will see consistent views of their business from all of the enterprise analytics systems and applications. Centralization and consistency of data also makes compliance with government regulations is easier.

Listen to the Informatica webinar recording to learn how Informatica can help your organization to centralize distribution of high quality data through a modern hub for data.