B2B Forecast – Cloudy with Disruptions Ahead

B2B Forecast – Cloudy with Disruptions Ahead

Now in the 4th quarter, many B2B Gateway customers are wrapping up their current projects and starting to plan for next year. Given that there is much turbulence in the air right now, I’d like to offer my own B2B planning Forecast for the coming year based on my interactions with customers.  So with all due respect to weathermen and women out there, here goes.

For the 2017 B2B integration extended forecast – You should expect Mild to Light Turbulence considering all the new IT environmental changes currently taking place.  Right now in your locale, there is a 40% chance of 3rd and 4th quarter Mobile integration projects leading to extended B2B systems integration projects. There is also a 90% chance your current trading partners will be updating and upgrading at least 1 of their enterprise systems sometime in 2017, which may also affect your travel and B2B budgeting plans, not to mention your patterns of sleep.

Overall, you should expect a few scattered clouds in the near term, but looking at an extended forecast, the chance of heavy cloud activity will be increasing as the new year progresses. If you are not planning on the prospect of clouds, I would suggest that you consider corresponding infrastructure investments to account for a cloudier future in your IT environment.

So what does this all mean? Is this a B2B Integration Trigger Warning?

There are several reasons why a B2B integration update may soon be triggered in your company– Your business may be struggling to find more ways to meet the needs of increasingly demanding business executives, customers, and trading partners.  You may be looking to find more efficiency wherever possible. You could be quickly facing requests from the business for changes to your B2B processes which are mandated by a slew of new 2017 regulations. Or perhaps you need to increase the reliability of your business-to-business interactions by maintaining up-to-date, synchronized data between different systems which creates better and more agile business decisions based on the most current data – a common them among many clients.

Whatever the triggers, the need for new B2B integration technology could be swift and overwhelming.

Informatica B2B Data Exchange sends and receives communications from trading partners, handles the transformations, and uses Informatica PowerCenter for orchestration to handle validations, process flow, data quality, and delivery, or you can choose to handle all your B2B needs with Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway.

Why Do You B2B?

Informatica B2B Data Exchange is used by customers for a broad range of initiatives that include:

  • Multi-enterprise data exchange to support operational data integration, i.e. enrollment, payments, channel data aggregation, consolidating and modernizing their B2B capabilities and operation
  • Data exchange hubs to enhance capabilities across divisions, i.e. payment hubs, carrier/agent gateways
  • Regulatory compliance involving external data exchange and reporting (ex. HIPAA, HL/7, HIX etc.)
  • Extending B2Bi to address nonstandard use cases
  • Embedding multi-enterprise integration into software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings
  • Complying with regulations, improving levels of automation to provide better service to customers and to cut costs, OEM enabling B2B integration platforms for SaaS providers
  • Retail Supply Chain (EDI, EDIFACT etc.) and finally,
  • Shifting to near-real-time integration

To hear more about B2B use cases or to see a demo of our latest Cloud offering check out this link