Next Stop re:Invent 2016: Three Ways Data Powers Your AWS Journey!

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If you are like most enterprises, AWS is a major destination in your cloud journey. And AWS re:Invent a not-to-be missed cloud-fest event.  Informatica is the company to meet at re:Invent to learn how data can accelerate your AWS success.  As you take your journey to cloud, you will likely be evolving a hybrid cloud environment. Come talk with us at re:Invent to learn more about how Informatica’s hybrid data management solution is powering successful adoption of AWS through three major data management initiatives:


  1. Migrate to AWS

aws3Whether you are migrating analytical or transactional workloads to AWS, you will likely need to migrate your data to AWS. This can be a complex undertaking that requires data visibility as well as data connectivity to AWS and on-premise data systems. This week Informatica is announcing the innovative Enterprise Information Catalog for AWS. This machine learning-driven, metadata-centric solution allows you to discover and understand your on-premise data in order to plan your AWS data migration roadmap with confidence, speed and full visibility into data lineage.

Once you chart your migration plans, you will need to move your on premise data to AWS. To enable that, we are adding this week, to our extensive line-up of AWS and on-premise connectors, a new native high-performance connector for Amazon Aurora cloud relational database. This allows you to easily migrate data from your on-premise relational databases to AWS. Last but not least, Informatica customers that are increasing their AWS footprint often extend their Informatica Data Integration investment to AWS. In order to help organizations fully realize their Informatica investments on AWS, we are excited to announce AWS Marketplace availability of PowerCenter ‘single-click’ deployment in AWS, enabling customers to rapidly standup PowerCenter clusters on AWS.

2. Integrate Amazon Redshift

aws4Business agility is a major driver for cloud data warehousing initiatives on Amazon Redshift. In order to rapidly deliver analytics and reports in support of evolving business needs and growing data volumes, organizations are looking to rapidly kickstart and scale their data warehouse in the cloud. This week we are thrilled to announce new capabilities that will help enterprises quickly and easily integrate with Amazon Redshift data from cloud and on premise data sources and scale those integrations to support petabyte-scale data volumes in Amazon Redshift. Latest Informatica Cloud R26 Release offers enhanced support for Amazon Redshift leading to 15X performance enhancement, accomplished through new partitioning capabilities as well as pushdown optimization support, leveraging Amazon Redshift’s inherent processing power to boost performance. Additionally, we are announcing the new Informatica connector for Amazon Quicksight, currently in beta test, which delivers connected, trusted data for analytics in Amazon Quicksight. To further accelerate your Amazon Redshift project, Informatica Cloud for Amazon Redshift is available in AWS Marketplace on a ‘pay-as you-go’ consumption model for a low hourly pricing.  So you can kickoff your Amazon Redshift data warehouse today!

Companies are also looking to extend their on-premise enterprise data warehouse (EDW) to AWS, by bursting workloads to Amazon Redshift during peak processing times, such as end of month reporting, or selectively offloading workloads to Amazon Redshift. Informatica’s announcement this week of AWS Marketplace availability of ‘single-click’ deployment of PowerCenter on AWS, will be of great benefit to Informatica customers who wish to extend their data warehousing environment to AWS in this fashion. This will allow customers to seamlessly and easily leverage their investment in PowerCenter on AWS, by running some or all of their PowerCenter cores on AWS and easily reusing skills and data integration mappings for Amazon Redshift deployment.

  1. Scale Data Lakes on AWS

aws5Many of the Big Data sources, such as IoT and social media are cloud sources, hence it’s not surprising that we are starting to see a definite convergence between cloud and Big Data. More and more organizations are looking to deploy a data lake in cloud. And in particular Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is gaining much traction with customers looking to build a data lake on AWS.  While others are setting up alternative Hadoop distributions on AWS EC2 and we are also seeing Hadoop distributions, being made available on AWS. After all the elastic nature and inherent cost effectiveness of cloud infrastructure, marries quite well with the underlying scalability goals of Hadoop.

Therefore, we are quite excited to announce this week that we are making Informatica’s Big Data Management solution available on AWS Marketplace for ‘single-click’ deployment on AWS. This will enable organizations looking to deploy a data lake on AWS, to rapidly ingest, cleanse, integrate, govern and secures big data, such as IoT and social media, into a trusted data lake based on Amazon EMR and Amazon S3. Smooth deployment is further facilitated by a new comprehensive reference architecture guide for deploying data lakes on AWS. Once the data lake is deployed, organizations can provide self-service capabilities for business analysts to quickly find, discover, prepare, and secure data in the lake for more trusted business insights, via the AWS-certified Intelligent Data Lake solution from Informatica.

aws1As you can see, data management plays a key role in your cloud journey, whether you are on an accelerated ‘cloud first’ journey or taking it one step at a time. To learn more how Informatica can help you accelerate your successful adoption of AWS, please contact us to learn more or come visit us at our booth #2619.

Looking forward to seeing you are re:Invent!