What if Da Vinci Had Used Enterprise Data Catalog?

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Recently I was at Da Vinci: The Ultimate Innovator special exhibition in Space and Aviation museum in San Diego. Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest inventor in the history. He created futuristic inventions, spectacular sketches and designs that should have revolutionized technology during his time and now. But his work had very little impact to Science and Technology. Why? Da Vinci drew sketches and diagrams of his inventions, which he preserved in notebooks and never published them to his patrons. No one was aware of it until his notebooks were discovered long after his time. And these notes are disordered and cryptic that they are difficult to consume. What if Da Vinci had put little effort in cataloging his inventions, published to his patrons and collected feedback from his peers? That would have been a game-changer. We would have seen huge advancements in many fields such as anatomy, zoology, botany, geology, optics, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics from his time.

Similarly any typical organization has data that is diverse and distributed across many different departments, locations, systems, and platforms (some on premise and some in the cloud). Do you know exactly what data assets you have? Can you take an inventory of it? Can your business users find and understand those data assets quickly? If your answer is NO – then you have a Da Vinci problem.

Do you want to catalog and manage your data as an asset? So it brings value for both IT and Business. And you can maximize it to drive revenue and profit. What you need is an information catalog. Please join the webinar on Dec 14 at 8.00am PST to learn more about Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog and how this will help you to automatically catalog and bring all your hidden assets out into the light.