Informatica PowerCenter on AWS is Single Click Away!

AWSInformatica is pleased to announce the availability of single-click deployment of PowerCenter (BYOL) on AWS Marketplace. Now you can launch and deploy Informatica PowerCenter on AWS with a push of a button. You can continue to install PowerCenter manually on AWS but we have simplified the experience for you by automatically provisioning a domain with basic configuration. With a single click, you can now, provision a new 4-node domain created and configured. Within couple of hours, you can start developing your data integration project using world-class, easy to use PowerCenter designer tools.

Wait… that’s not it – If you need additional compute capacity, you can provision additional nodes and elastically expand your existing domains (running on-premises or in the cloud) in a single click. When you don’t have the need for additional capacity, you can remove them as well. This should enable controlled spending on infrastructure and finally meeting the varying business data load at cloud speed!


You can find various use cases of PowerCenter on AWS in the Solution Brief. Deploying Informatica PowerCenter on the AWS Cloud provides several benefits:

  • Industry leading enterprise class data integration with PowerCenter
  • Easy to procure infrastructure (cores, storage, network) and software (OS, database) for the compute intensive data integration environment
  • Reduced cost of data integration solution with on-demand cloud bursting and pay per use infrastructure
  • Wide range of connectors to AWS services (S3, Redshift, RDS) and other cloud and on-premises data sources
  • Extend your existing on-premises PowerCenter investment – by bursting for additional capacity in the AWS cloud, by migrating your on-premises domain or by offloading to AWS cloud, by reusing developer skillset and technical know-how.

PowerCenter on AWS

There are two ways you can deploy PowerCenter rapidly.

  1. AWS Marketplace: PowerCenter For Windows (BYOL) and PowerCenter For Red Hat Linux (BYOL)
  2. AWS Partner Quick Starts: Informatica PowerCenter on AWS

Cost & Licenses – Both require license for Informatica PowerCenter and are listed as Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offers. You can use any edition of PowerCenter, depending on the license. To sign up for a demo license or to purchase new license, please contact Informatica. If you already have a license that you are using on-premises and want to use in the AWS cloud as part of the migration, please contact your Informatica account manager.

You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services used during the deployment of these offers.

PowerCenter 4-node Deployment (New Deployment)

Both AWS Quick Starts and Marketplace offers contain PowerCenter 10.1 on your choice of Windows 2012 R2 or RHEL 7.0. PowerCenter is preconfigured to use AWS RDS Oracle 12c instance as domain and repository database. All four nodes are deployed as gateway nodes and one of them is configured as master gateway node. All four nodes and database node are deployed into a new VPC or specified existing VPC. All nodes have public elastic IP address assigned to them so that they are accessible from outside the virtual private network. You can install PowerCenter client tools on-premises or on a machine running on AWS cloud and connect to the domain running on the AWS cloud using the public elastic IP addresses, thus, enabling global project development.

For shared file system requirement, you can use AWS Elastic File System service (EFS). Mount the EFS volume on all nodes to establish the shared folder.

For more technical details on the 4-node marketplace offer, please refer to PowerCenter VM Images on AWS Marketplace.

Automated reference deployments can be achieved with AWS Quick Starts listing for PowerCenter and more step-by-step instructions for that can be found in the Quick Starts Guide.

PowerCenter Single AMI deployment (Elasticity On-Demand)

Create additional nodes to expand your existing domain (running on-premises or on AWS) by launching the Single AMI deployment. If your existing domain is already on AWS cloud, launch the Single AMI in the same VPC, subnet and security group as the existing domain. If your existing domain is on-premises, launch the single AMI in a VPC which has proper communication already established between the AWS cloud and the on-premises domain. Ensure to copy the Informatica site key/encryption key from the master/gateway node to the appropriate Keys directory on the newly created node.

Act Now!! Kick start your data integration project with Informatica PowerCenter 1-Click deployment on AWS Marketplace to reduce operational expenses and shorten project delivery time.

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