Big Data’s Easy Button: One-Click Automated Deployment of Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR

Organizations are looking for opportunities to reduce their on-premises datacenter footprint by offloading or extending on-premises applications, data warehouses, big data solutions to the cloud. Cloud deployments increase agility as they allow organizations to rapidly add new capabilities and scale up and down as their needs change. Cloud solutions free up IT resources from supporting commoditized infrastructure and allow them to focus on building differentiated capabilities.

Customers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Informatica can now deploy Informatica Big Data Management in the AWS public cloud leveraging Amazon EMR and other leading Hadoop distributions (e.g. Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR).

Informatica and Amazon AWS provide the availability of a completely automated deployment of Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR cluster thru the Amazon Marketplace.  The one-click automated process provision Informatica Server components and Amazon EMR nodes based on the user’s request.  Deploying Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon AWS provides the following key capabilities:

  1. Integration with Amazon EMR
  2. Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Parsing, Data Masking running natively on the Amazon EMR platform.
  3. High performance connectivity to Amazon S3 & Amazon Redshift
Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR
Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR


Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR provides the following benefits:

  • Faster time to deployment. The Simple One-Click Automated of Informatica Big Data Management on Amazon EMR from AWS Marketplace allows organizations to quickly and efficiently deploy a big data integration solution on a high performance, scalable cloud infrastructure platform.
  • Faster time to insight. Dynamic big data integration delivers high throughput data ingestion and data delivery from nearly any source, leveraging Amazon EMR for high performance data processing at scale, delivering the right analytical data to business stakeholders.
  • Accelerates data architecture modernization. If you are planning to modernize your data strategy initiatives on AWS, BDM’s rich functionalities such as metadata driven data integration, dynamic mappings and SQL to Mapping conversion, will help you to shorten development cycles and reduce time to market.
  • Delivers clean, complete and trusted data. Whether you are offloading or extending on-premises applications to the cloud or fully embracing the cloud, collaborative data quality ensures confidence in data fidelity while facilitating data sharing empowering business stakeholders to curate data, audit data holistically, and relate data at scale. Informatica Big Data Management empowers organizations with complete, high-quality, actionable data.

To learn more about deploying data lakes on Amazon EMR, read the latest reference architecture, Data Lake Management on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Building a Marketing Data Lake.

To provision an Amazon EMR cluster with Informatica Big Data Management using the simple one-click automation script, follow the instructions here: HowTo: BDM ON EMR