Being a Customer Centric Digital Company – RCS Mediagroup

Attending the Gartner MDM Summit in London at the O2, I had the opportunity to hear from Italy’s leading media group RCS Media how they executed a MDM program, powered by Informatica. Giovanbattista Angelini, IT Demand Manager Digital Development  presented how he and his team put a 360 view of the customer into action. The session covered definition and assessment of business objectives as well as solution design of a customer centric organization serving 15 million clients. He also talked about rules and processes of a successful data governance program.

Giovanbattista has a proven track record in CRM and DWH areas since 2000. He worked as a senior consultant in Accenture, CRM Service Line, following the main initiatives in Telco & Media Industry in Europe and North America. He then joined Fastweb (read the Informatica MDM case study), where he followed the most innovative projects (MVNO, FTTC) till 2014. Currently he is in charge, ICT side, of Digital Development of RCS Mediagroup, with special focus on the “Data Driven” innovation streams and the Customer Engagement tools.

RCS from Publisher to Media Company




RCS Mediagroup is one of the world’s major multimedia publishing groups and as such are intent on leading developments in our sector in defining the next publishing paradigm..  are active in all publishing sectors – from newspapers to magazines, books to TV, and radio to new media – and among the leaders in terms of advertising sales and distribution.

With 32% of our turnover generated in foreign markets, we have a significant presence in particular in Spain, Portugal, USA, South America, UAE and China.

“We are at the forefront of publishing evolution, inspired by our principles and founding values and strengthened by the trust in our content, brands and writers. We want to continue to inspire society and bring people closer together”, said Giovanbattista.

Business Objectives of CRM Transformation

“Being a customer centric and digital company was the main driving for our CRM transformation”, said Giovanbattista. It was also important to be able to support a precise online identity management, fuel marketing campaigns and analytics & reporting with consistent data.

Maturity Assessment First

I learnt that first it was important to gather a “consistent agreement that the first step resides in getting the basics right through a single view of customer to leverage the value to the business and to the customer”.

RCS used five levels to assess their maturity of all areas. They ran a self-assessment of all areas and defined if their status quos is considered as “Aware (1), reactive (2), proactive (3), managed (4), optimized (5).”




Looking at the 360 customer view for example RCS looks at personal data, digital behavioral data, company data, third party data, user generated content for fueling their omnichannel marketing and customer service.

“We focus on collect, aggregate and update data during the whole Customer Journey, utilizing all available Customer data like personal details, socio-demo, digital behavior, contact history, commercial data, from every RCS touch point, both online and offline and finally Third Party Data”, said Giovanbattista.

Data governance:  Privacy, Data, Storage & Processes

“The security of our customer’s data is crucial to use” said Giovanbattista. I learned that RCS is managing two different layers for data privacy settings/rules, one single setting for privacy acceptance at group level, and the optionality for “micro settings” at each single product/service/channel level for privacy removal – and provide a temporary “exclusivity” on the data usage for the business unit who invested in the customer acquisition. “We’ve summarized the hundreds of business requirements into a small subset of business rules, each of them followed by a set of initiatives to be fatherly assessed and prioritized”, said Giovanbattista.

A Project Management Office Helps in Execution

As part of the business processes and solution implementation an integrated Project Management Office (PMO) helped with defining and updating the Project Plan daily, managing a CRM Board (every 2 months), getting the CRM Governance Team together (monthly) and organizing a weekly Progress Meeting. They also helped to sync up communciation across teams and ensuring the quality of documentation and communciation. 

Outcomes achieved and why Informatica

Giovanbattista summarized business value RCS MediaGroup realized with Informatica MDM.  Every day RCS is able to identity and manage the communication of more than half a million client who interact with them every day. They are now able to provide all marketing, sales and service functions and applications with price customer data in real-time and can understand fast who is a client and who not. A customer scorecard helps to better understand customer interests, reconciliation, lifecycle and profiling. Finally all is compliant with the Italian laws for data privacy, making sure the data of 15m customers are secure. (Btw security and GDPR are a critical topic now. I highly recommend reading the blog from my colleague Mark Hisman on “What is the Cost of a Data Breach in Telecoms”.)

Finally I was happy to hear why RCS has chosen Informatica.

  • Informatica is a RCS partner since 2007 for Data Integration
  • Informatica partner assessment in order to match requirements and software capabilites
  • Analysts reputation and market share in MDM
  • Continuos innovation