Reduce Cloud Data Transfer and API Costs with an Integration Hub

Integration Hub
Reduce Cloud Data Transfer and API Costs with an Integration Hub

As large organizations around the world embrace cloud applications and platforms, they find that data transfer and API request costs can become a significant expense. As the number of point-to-point integrations between SaaS apps, such as, Adobe and Workday, cloud services, such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and on-premises systems proliferate, the data transfer and API charges start to add up. For Cloud First companies, Informatica has seen these integrations expanding into the hundreds or even thousands of point-to-point data integrations.

Most SaaS applications and cloud platforms charge for data transfers out of or between their services and regions or for API calls requesting data. These data transfer costs differ across providers, services and regions and can go as high as $0.22 a GB. In a complex multi-cloud hybrid scenario with data flowing between dozens or even hundreds of cloud apps and platform services, these costs can become a significant expense that can reach into millions of dollars.

By using a modern centralized publish/subscribe Integration Hub to connect all of these SaaS apps, cloud services and on-prem systems not only simplifies hybrid cloud data integration and ensures consistency of data, it can greatly reduce the data transfer and API costs associated with integrating all of these systems to regularly communicate and move data.

Informatica Integration Hub can connect once to each source cloud system, SaaS or platform, to synchronize and process data, then distribute the prepared data to all the systems that need to be connected at the exact time they need fresh data. This replaces disconnected and redundant point-to-point data integrations with a simpler hub and spoke model that greatly reduces the number of data transfers and API calls required to integrate everything. Removing the need for these redundant synchronizations and transfers means much lower data movement related charges from each connected SaaS app and cloud service.

Informatica’s Integration Hub is available as a service within the Informatica Cloud iPaaS (Cloud Integration Hub) as well as packaged as enterprise software that can be installed on-premises or in AWS or Azure (Data Integration Hub.) This deployment flexibility enables the hub to reside close to the center of data gravity for the organization.

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