Data Fuels Ryder’s Journey to Cloud with Amazon Redshift

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Ryder logo-bearing trucks likely pass you by every day. But did you know that Ryder is a Fortune 500 company, relied upon by over 50,000 customers and more than half of Fortune 500 companies?  These organizations look to Ryder to manage their critical fleet, transportation and supply chain, with 99% on-time delivery rate.  Needless to say, data is the critical fuel for Ryder’s overall business operations. Pun intended.

Ryder has been investing in extensive data management architecture to integrate, cleanse, govern and master data from over 40 applications across their enterprise.  Ryder’s data management architecture supports integration of data for both operational and analytics workloads.  At the heart of their BI and Analytics environment resides a traditional enterprise data warehouse. In a typical day, Ryder has been processing more than 43 Billion records to deliver complete, connected, accurate and reliable data to the business.

When it was time for Ryder to build a brand new data warehouse, in support of an important customer-facing solution, Ryder decided this project will serve as the first important step in their journey to cloud.  Ryder needed their new solution to improve tactical and strategic decision making through continuous improvement, innovation and thought leadership.  They turned to this new cloud solution to provide agility and flexibility, as well as scalability and performance, needed to drive rapid business innovation and thought leadership.  Ultimately Ryder’s solution needed to deliver real-time visibility and control to lower costs and support dynamic decision making.

In our upcoming webinar on February 9, Ryder speakers will discuss why they decided to implemented this project using a cloud data warehouse with Amazon Redshift, and how this new cloud initiatives fits into their hybrid data management environment and overall cloud journey.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Cloud journey business drivers.
  • Common hybrid data management scenarios with AWS.
  • Data management requirements in hybrid environment.
  • Hybrid data warehousing solution with Amazon Redshift.
  • Benefits and results from extending data management environment to the cloud.
  • Lessons learned and best practices for hybrid data warehousing with Amazon Redshift.
  • Possible next steps in the cloud journey.

We are super excited to host the experts from Ryder to share details of their journey to cloud with Amazon Redshift and the critical role data management plays in Ryder’s strategic cloud initiatives.

We hope you can join us on February 9 for this webinar: ‘Data Powers Ryder’s Journey to Cloud with Amazon Redshift


See you there!