Informatica Cloud Fall 2016: Innovating on the Best

Informatica Cloud Fall 2016: Innovating on the Best
Informatica Cloud Fall 2016: Innovating on the Best
The last release of Informatica Cloud was biggest in a while, with expanded cloud portfolio — yet we found room for more innovations and enhancements with Informatica Cloud Fall 2016.

With Informatica Cloud Fall 2016, Informatica is redefining cloud data integrations and data management with more flexible and scalable services, breakthrough productivity, increased performance and much broader connectivity across cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments.

The Fall 2016 release, Informatica Cloud team is launching a brand new offering

  1. Informatica Cloud Data Quality Radar, strengthening the quality of data and making life of Salesforce admins much easier with automated assessing and fixing bad data issues, self-service analytical dashboards to monitor and track data quality jobs.
  2. Product 360 Cloud Edition: for a centralized omni-channel experience.
  3. Informatica Supplier 360 Cloud Edition: A master data–fueled business application for a next-gen supplier relationship management.

Besides, the new offerings, the team has been busy churning out very advanced capabilities for data and application integration use cases strengthening Informatica Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to help customers transform their cloud journey with powerful, high performing, and increased productivity tools.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration now supports:

  • Advanced transformations like router, dynamic mapping, lookup cache
  • Parameterization for maximum scaling, speed, and flexibility.
  • Unique and integral function – Push Down Optimization, partitioning
  • Support for bi-directional hierarchical-to-relational and vice versa to simplify complex connectivity and transformations.

Informatica Cloud Application Integration now offers:

  • Enhanced productivity, with support for latest Salesforce API, advanced support for OData Provider and JDBC
  • Improved design time ease of use with new Swagger file import and REST-based service connector creation, assignment Steps Reorder, Single-page Published Metadata View
  • Improved Operational Efficiency and Performance with Alert Service making it possible for you to react quickly to integration issues as they surface

And we didn’t stop there. For Cloud Application Integration solutions, the team expanded the already powerful use cases with cloud B2B Gateway, now supporting many more non EDI patterns and standards like EDIFACTS – B2B standard for the EMEA region customers.

Cloud Integration Hub provides a centralized hub for integration and synchronization where you can publish and subscribe to data from cloud and on-premise applications

Broader Connectivity:

  • Extended support for cloud data warehouse, analytics, and storage applications to include AWS Redshift and Aurora, Google BiqQuery and Cloud Storage, Azure DataWarehouse and Blob, Snowflake, Qlik, AWS QuickSight, and more
  • Intelligent Structure Discovery integrates IoT data with business data seamlessly supporting machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Seamless, hybrid-ready Connectivity as a Service assists you on your cloud journey by augmenting both on-premise and cloud environments
  • New and enhanced connectors for advanced application and data integration support include a REST connector that makes it easy to consume third-party REST services as a source, target, or “midstream,” as well as connectors for SAP SuccessFactors, MongoDB, Complex File, JSON/XML, FileProcessor, and more

Ready to find out more? The Informatica Cloud team is hosting a webinar on November 1 with all the details. Sign up today so you don’t miss a thing.