It’s Back! Informatica Partner Kickoff 2017

vegasWinning and Las Vegas aren’t often said in the same sentence, but in mid-January 2017 at the Aria Resort it will resonate loudly.  That’s because Informatica Partners will be joining  the Informatica Worldwide Kickoff,  starting on Sunday, January 15 and running through Tuesday, January 17.  All Informatica partners are invited to Partner Kickoff for 2017.

Register early to take advantage of the best pricing.

Here are five reasons why you should block this on your calendar now and cross this off your To-Do list for the week:

  1. 2017 Planning: If your fiscal year aligns with the calendar year like ours does, this is a great opportunity for you to make the final decisions on where to invest more deeply and where to pull back. You’ll hear Informatica’s top priorities and areas of investment which ultimately will help you choose the simplest and most productive path for growing your business with Informatica.
  2. Hear the details of Informatica’s brand-new partner program for resellers and distributors: We’ve been working diligently over the last couple of months to get input and feedback on the new program, including talking to many of our partners. At Partner Kickoff, the partner team will unveil all of the new program details and what it means for you.  We will show how this simplified program with stackable rewards is the fastest way to grow your profitability in data management and analytics.
  3. Sit side-by-side at sessions, meals and the craps table with Informatica field team members: We know how important it is for our partners to be able to meet and spend time with their counterparts in the field. That’s why we’re so excited to give our partners the opportunity to attend sessions, activities and meals alongside our field teams at Kickoff.
  4. Network with your peers and the Informatica teams at Partner Connect: It’s getting more challenging every day to meet the needs of your customers alone. Why not get an edge over of your competitors by partnering with another company or using an Informatica Executive as an industry-thought leader with your customers. At Partner Kickoff, we’re providing new ways to partner together and provide better business outcomes. The Partner Connect event on Monday night is the perfect venue for networking and socializing.
  5. Informatica Partner Kickoff 2017
    It’s Back! Informatica Partner Kickoff 2017

    Attend the most recent enablement sessions – Learn about Data 3.0 and why you should be “doubling-down” on your data management and analytics practice: This third generation of data (Data 3.0) represents a generational market shift that has created huge opportunities for the partner ecosystem. Here’s why it’s a “perfect storm”:

  • Massive growth in data – the amount of data is doubling every 2 years
  • New types of data – Data is coming from everywhere, i.e. machine data, social data, mobile data, streaming data, all contributing to the massive growth in data
  • Data in the Cloud – today, 10-15% of all data is estimated to be in the Cloud – that will grow to over 40% by 2020. And remember, during that period, data will double every 2 years. That means Data in the Cloud will grow by 10X by 2020
  • The number of business users of data is growing rapidly. Already, it is estimated that there are 325 million business users and this will keep growing as the role of data becomes ever more critical in business

Any of these 4 characteristics by itself would be a big trend. Coming together at the same time, these 4 characteristics are creating a generational market shift. Partners who can help their customers who move quickly to leverage Data 3.0 can gain a strategic advantage over their competitors.

It’s a great time to be an Informatica Partner! Come to Partner Kickoff to find out more and discover what’s new with Informatica while you put the finishing touches on your 2017 planning. Let us help you figure out the best path towards maximum profitability with your partnership with Informatica.  More often than not, when our plans line up, we win and we win BIG.

Don’t wait until tomorrow or next week or next month. Register today. Agenda and session details are on the website and being updated regularly.

Informatica Partner Kickoff is open to all registered INFORM partners in every region.

Looking forward to seeing you at the event! -Rodney