To Salesforce and Beyond! Top 6 Reasons a Hub Can Take Your SaaS Integration to the Next Level

salesforceWith Dreamforce in full effect in San Francisco, innovative ways to integrate Salesforce and other SaaS apps with other critical business systems is a hot topic. To tame the data integration sprawl and rising costs that come as the number of connections from Salesforce and other SaaS apps to on-premises and other cloud systems proliferate, Informatica introduced Cloud Integration Hub.

Informatica’s Integration Hub modern approach has many advantages over traditional point-to-point tools:

  1. The simplified hub architecture better organizes your data integration replacing redundant point-to-point integrations.
  1. Reduce SaaS app API call synchronization costs and time by syncing once with each app, then distributing fresh data to all the consuming systems at the times they need it.
  1. Consistency of data across the organization is boosted through the automated distribution of curated data sets.
  1. Team collaboration and productivity is improved with wizards and an easy-to-use web-based user interface in a codeless environment for self-service by distributed teams.
  1. Visibility from the hub overview visual tool combined with complexity abstraction, makes data integration easier to manage, modify and expand as your cloud adoption progresses.
  1. Unlike ESBs or messaging system based data integration, Informatica’s Hub automatically manages mixed latency data distribution, hub persistence and big data scale batch data processing and movement.


cloud hub


Take your Salesforce and SaaS data integration to the next level with a modern publish/subscribe hub.  Leverage Cloud Integration Hub today within Informatica Cloud to more efficiently and productively power your business with data.

Learn more about Cloud Integration Hub, see a demo and ask questions at our webinar on October 12th at 9am PST.

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