Einstein and Informatica – Fulfilling the Promise of AI

Einstein and Informatica – Fulfilling the Promise of AI
Einstein and Informatica – Fulfilling the Promise of AI
It’s October in the Silicon Valley and that can only mean one thing, Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce extravaganza is about to start. This event is part technology, part charitable giving, part entertainment and just an enormous amount of fun that takes over all of San Francisco.

This year the excitement is about Salesforce’s introduction of Einstein – artificial intelligence (AI) built into the core of the Salesforce Platform. With Einstein, Salesforce is adding AI capabilities to Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds. This is a very significant new capability, allowing learning from all the valuable data that exists in the Salesforce Clouds. And learning is the most critical part of this offering because it leads to action recommendations, outcome predictions and if requested automation, which is what every organization is looking for today to get closer to their customers.

Informatica is a long-standing partner with Salesforce and has teamed with us to help 5,000 customers on their journey to the Cloud. In additional to powering all Salesforce Clouds that have come before, Informatica is embracing AI to deliver our Intelligent Data Platform helping customers automate your data integration tasks, leverage intelligent recommendations and achieve the best outcomes.

Informatica is taking advantage of AI, in the core of our offering, and I want to share three areas that will be coming to help you, our customers.

Data Recommendations: Explore and discover the data you need, across your enterprise including all your Salesforce orgs. The salesforce sys admin, the integration expert, the data scientist and almost everyone in the company needs data. With Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog customers can get to that right information in no time. Informatica is leveraging AI – specifically search, pattern recognition and learning from experience to recommend data, offer alternatives and complementary data sets enabling everyone leverage the data they need.

Data Structure Discovery: Simplify the integration of complex data to your Salesforce Cloud. Any data means going beyond simple APIs and integrating complex files, logs and IoT data. Informatica is offering Intelligent Structure Discovery to help doing just that. We are leveraging AI (specifically – pattern recognition and genetic programming) to select the fittest approach to define the structure from millions of generations possible.

Operational Intelligence: Real-time operations support for SaaS and PaaS integration. Informatica DiscoveryIQ customers are getting proactive recommendations on their operations. As Salesforce is further expanded their CRM offering, there is a need for broader integrations to more applications on premises and in the cloud. Leveraging AI (specifically Logical AI and Inference) Informatica is able to identify behavioral patterns of specific applications, highlighting the reasons for current challenges (availability, connectivity, performance) as well as predict future challenges.

This week is the time to learn about Einstein and how is it going to make Salesforce an intelligent CRM. Use this opportunity and visit Informatica at North Moscone, Cloud Expo #1711 and learn how Informatica Intelligent Data Platform can help you get the most of your Intelligent CRM with Data Recommendations, Data Structure Discovery and Operational Intelligent.

You can also come take a look at Informatica’s Einstein shoes.