Simplification without Sacrifice: Your Big Data on the Cloud

The next big trend in big data is “simplification”.

As organizations continue to diversify their data ecosystems with new platforms like Hadoop, new sources of complexity are burdening organizations from getting trusted insights quickly.  Organizations are increasingly unwilling to manage big data infrastructure on-premise and are increasingly looking to off-premise options such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and other vendors to deliver “as-a-service” simplicity. Deploying big data solutions “as-a-service” in the cloud reduces the complexity of hardware setup and configuration, while dramatically accelerating the time-to-value for data-driven insights.

The diagrams below show the difference between on-premises and cloud deployments:





An off-premise deployment enables IT professionals to spend more time on design and solve the business problems rather than worry about the infrastructure management.

Informatica Big Data Management is ready for the cloud.

After years of making Informatica Big Data Management available on-premises, we are now providing customers with needed “as-a-service” simplicity by making Big Data Management available in the cloud..

Informatica Big Data Management provides data management solutions to quickly and holistically integrate, govern, and secure big data for your business. Dynamic big data integration delivers faster data ingestion, data delivery, data processing, development productivity, and deployment flexibility. Governance and quality ensures confidence and facilitates data sharing. Risk-centric big data security intelligently protects sensitive data.

Informatica Big Data Management fully supports both the Amazon and Azure ecosystems. To help our customers simplify deployment and accelerate time to value,” Informatica Big Data Management is now available in the Azure marketplace:



Informatica Big Data Management on Microsoft Azure HDInsights deploys Informatica software in a few clicks. It is fully integrated with the HDInsight cluster. (Software is licensed through a bring-your-own-license model, which can be obtained by speaking with an Informatica account manager). Informatica Big Data Management on Microsoft Azure HDInsight has the following key capabilities:

  1. Integration with Microsoft Azure HDInsight
  2. Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Parsing, Data Masking running natively on top of the Microsoft Azure HDInsight platform.
  3. High Performance connectivity to Microsoft Azure Blob & Microsoft Azure DW.

Informatica is committed to building a coherent platform that simplifies administrative and development complexity and accelerates time to value for organizations adopting Hadoop.