Informatica at Dreamforce 2016: The Future of Salesforce Integration

Dreamforce 2016Dreamforce 2016 is right around the corner and this year’s event is going to be bigger than ever.  An estimated 170 thousand attendees will be picking up their badges, lacing up their walking boots and checking out all of the great sessions the conference has to offer. 

But make no mistake, this event has long surpassed CRM to become one of the hottest IT conferences of the year.

Look into the Crystal Ball, Albert!

This year’s theme is all about predicting the future.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is front and center, with every Salesforce cloud getting the treatment.  To bring AI to the Salesforce clouds, the company made a series of purchases in the past few years (RelateIQ, BeyondCore, Coolan, Tempo AI, Implisit Insights, MetaMind and PredictionIO. Phew!) All of which have been rolled in to the launch of Salesforce Einstein – AI for Everyone.

AI’s potential to augment your Salesforce success is enormous, for instance machine learning will power predictive lead scoring with models that will continuously improve over time by learning from data like lead source, industry, job title, web clicks and emails. However, obtaining accurate predictions isn’t always straightforward, especially where customer data is concerned.

If our years of experience and Salesforce partnership has taught us anything, then we know that inaccurate, invalid or missing data doesn’t produce the results you are looking for. And that’s why you’ll need to focus even more on the source and quality of data that powers your business.

Where to Begin?

Why not start with folks that have proven success?  Informatica’s got two great customers describing their experiences with customer data on Tuesday October 4th in the Palace Hotel in a session entitled “Dump data loader now! Real world tips for data integration and duplicate management”. Amy Anthony will highlight how SendGrid uses Salesforce data in their company decision making, while Rashed Chowdhury from Crawford and Company will discuss their approach to aggregating, consolidating and cleansing claims management data.

Where Next? Head to the Developer Forest.

If you go down in the woods today… OK I’ll stop.  Why not stroll through the Developer Forest?  There’s over 270 demos, hands-on workshops, hacks, and technical consultations.  But most importantly Informatica’s got integration and data management consultant’s there who can answer your data related questions. Also on Tuesday October 4th Casey Clayton’s 5.30pm session called “The Future of Salesforce Integration: From OData to OMG!” will explain on another important integration pattern; real time application integration.

But Wait: There’s More!

There are many options for integrating Salesforce Einstein with external data sources, but how do you know what technologies exist and which are the best ones to use? Luckily Eric Ho can answer that question on Wednesday October 5th when he takes you on journey from Apex to Wave by exploring different integration patterns, multiple techniques and various integration tools for every Salesforce cloud. Eric’s session is at 10.30 a.m. Moscone South, Partner Theater 4.

Is Virtual Reality the Future? Try It and See.

As you can imagine, since we support every Salesforce Cloud, we have a lot more going on at the Informatica booth. Visit us at Moscone South Expo Hall #1711 and try out our virtual reality experience.  The five highest scores of the day will win the latest in Samsung Gear VR headsets.  And while you’re there check out our latest solutions for cloud integration, see a brand new data quality application for Salesforce, and try the new version of Informatica Cloud Customer 360 that’s now Salesforce Lightning ready.

What Does the Future Hold?

We can’t predict how many miles you will walk, how many sessions you will attend, how many hands you will shake or how many hours of sleep you will get, but there is one thing we can predict. You won’t be bored at Dreamforce 2016!


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  • Nicholas Jang

    “The five highest scores of the day will win the latest in Samsung Gear VR headsets.”

    Hi, just wondering, when will you be contacting the winners? I think I had the #2 score on the last day an hour before the show ended…

    • Hi Nicholas – Our colleague Patricia sent you an email earlier this week about your prize from her address – Can you either reply (if it arrived) or write her (if it did not). She will work with you via email to arrange for it to be shipped out.